Sunday, March 2, 2008

Something to Tantalize your Taste Buds

I had a decadent breakfast this morning. Just take a look.

It's called Northern Michigan Wildberry Toast.

It's French toast filled with a wild berry cream cheese.

I am all about presentation and I think this one is pretty good. Because the rim is so busy, this plate needed no garnish. It was a wise chef who curtailed the ubiquitous urge to toss parsley and an orange section on this plate. (Don't even let me get started on the overuse of parsley as a garnish--I will say just one thing -- parsley does not belong on a plate if it's not used in the dish, and please don't ever use parsley to garnish a dessert!) O.K. that was two things. Sorry...

I do have one little suggestion that would put this presentation over the top--gently set two blueberries and a blackberry into the filling that is oozing out of the toast. I guess it would be pretty expensive to get fresh wild berries at this time of the year in Michigan.

I could only eat two pieces. I like it without the butter or the syrup. I also left all the bacon. So, I guess I wasted more than 50% of it! Long ago I got over the need to finish everything that was served to me. I eat just as much as I want to and then stop. I hate to feel stuffed.

I have made a lot of progress on my table runner. It's made from 3-inch blocks and it will take about 64 blocks to complete. Here it is half finished.

Do you think it's a pretty good complement to the dishes?

I am quite satisfied with it and intend to do a table runner to match all the different dinner plates I have. I think I have upwards of 25 different patterns, so that should keep me busy for some time!

I think I will spend the next hour working on the hand quilting of the big 'Roses are Red, Borders are Blue' quilt. It's been over a week since I've worked on it. It will never get done if I continue at that pace!


  1. Love the table runner. It matches your dishes perfectly. You are so creative! I read your blog to try to get myself inspired! I am in northern Ohio and the winters just make me so unmotivated!

  2. Janet, Welcome and thank you.

    I would be quite pleased if I actually inspired you to do a project. :) I think I don't mind the long winters so much because I always have tons of projects to keep myself entertained.

  3. I do like that table runner with the all you need is something in solid yellow and solid brown(if that is the right color I am seeing.
    You know Zoey I think you will need a longer winter than the rest of us so you get all your projects finished!! lol

  4. Ther table runner is perfect for the dishes - great job! That breakfast looks waaaaay tooo good!!

  5. I could really go for some of that french toast! Now I'm going to go to bed hungry Zoey. I hope you're happy!
    We've had more snow this weekend too, but glorious sunshine today. A tiny taste of what's to come :)
    Just keep sewing...just keep sewing...
    (you're doing a nice job).

  6. Yum-filled French toast! Will have to try that. : )
    And the table runner looks perfect with the dish-you are good! : )

  7. The French Toast looks scrumptious. I've had stuffed french toast before but not with blueberries (my favorite berry)

    The colors in your table runner are perfect. You have a good eye.

  8. Oh my, that looks very delicious!


  9. I will leave the sewing department to you, Zoey while admiring what you make.

    But in the berry-filled French toast department... do you need an assistant? I like decadent!!

    The rules on parsley sound very logical.

    Ample Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. LOVE it!
    Perfect with your dishes!
    And yes, I have the blog blahs too!
    Can't think of much to write about... what's up with that!


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