Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm not Irish, But I Do Love a Corned Beef Dinner

and today I cooked one that was so good I had to pop in here to record my method so I will remember it next year.

I usually boil corned beef with cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc. I was going to do that today, but on a whim, decided to see what would happen if I cooked it in the oven.

Oh, my, it was the best corned beef that has ever graced my table. Incredibly tender and tasty. I can't say for sure if it was my cooking method or if DH just picked out a very good piece of beef. It was probably a combination of both.

Here is what I did:

This is the brand I used. It was just under 5 lbs.

It comes with its own little spice bag which I sprinkled throughout the pan.

I cut up half a medium head of cabbage and put it in a big roasting pan.

I had a big pot of water almost to the boiling point on the stove, which I poured over the beef and cabbage until it was about 2 inches high.

Then I put it in a preheated 325 degree oven, covered it and let it cook for almost 5 hours. Other than turning it over at the halfway point, I didn't do a thing to it. When done, it looked like this:

I was surprised that it did not shrink more. Last year's boiled specimen ended up to be about half the size it started as.

I decided to roast the veggies rather than throw them in the water/fat filled pan. I think roasting adds much more flavor. I turned the heat to 425 degrees and add a big pan of veggies. While they cooked, I let the corned beef rest covered on top of the stove.

They roasted for 35 minutes.

Last week I finished the second Easter tablerunner and have now used up all the blocks that I originally made for that quilt border.

I decided I might as well use it on the table. Then I decided to change out the centerpiece (that's what happens when you decorate early -- you get bored and change things!)

I also added this little wooden bunny vignette on top of one china cabinet

and this one on the other.

It seems like forever since I posted (has it only been a week?) and, gosh, I have tons of things that I've done the past week. I guess this post is already too long, so the rest will have to wait.


  1. Great looking dinner! I usually boil my corn beef too (I need to go buy some tomorrow), but roasting seems better. And I hate how it shrinks up in the water. Thanks for the tips!
    And your decorations look so cheery and festive.

  2. Dude. What is that green thing? Biscuit? Did you make that?

    Nice trefoil, but that color is unholy.

  3. LOL, Jenn. That geen thing is a roll that DH bought at the bakery. It's green and shamrock shaped for St. Patrick's day.

    Di, you will have to try the oven method and see what you think.

  4. Well I think I'll just slip into one of those chairs at your table and partake of your Easter dinner, I'll be so quiet you won't even notice me!!
    Mmm..that corned beef does look delicious!

  5. Your dinner looks wonderful. I will have to try cooking mine this way.

    The table runners and decorations are beautiful. Have a Happy Bunny Day!

  6. Zoey, that corned beef dinner looks scrumptious! I wish I could've shared it. My hubby doesn't care much for corned beef, which is too bad because I love it.
    You did a great job mending the cushion. Love that little star fella too :) Your deck is going to be very colorful.
    Rain is pouring down here tonight!


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