Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrap Happy

It's amazing what can be done with a box of little scraps!

I have found that if I put away little scraps, I probably will never get them back out. Therefore, I try to use up as many little pieces as I can before I clean up the fabric from current projects.

See this little mound of scraps?

Look what came out of it in less than an hour.

It's a little star pillow to match all the other deck quilted items. It barely made a dent in that pile of scraps.

I had planned to make a little doily-like thing for the outdoor table, but the center pouffed out a tad too much, so I spent a few minutes considering what else I could do with it. Hmmmm...maybe a star pillow? I sewed a backing to the diamonds and then this cute little flower button right smack in the middle, which took care of the pouffing.

What is really amazing is that the diamond block I used for this pillow is the exact same one I used for the pink Christmas tree skirt.
Two such different items from the identical block!

I am planning to putter around the rest of this week making little 3-inch blocks from these scraps. In addition to the pillow, I made 22 other blocks, 18 of which I have put together into these two star blocks.

Isn't it amazing what can come out of a box of little fabric pieces that most people would toss?


  1. You bet Zoey, I would have tossed those scraps! I love what you did with the scraps esp the star pillow. Can hardly wait to see what your deck will look like this summer.
    You are one very talented and amazing woman!

  2. Zoey,
    You are phenomenal! Talk about going green, and not wasting~~you are the queen! I love what you have done with your scraps, and you amaze me; how do you envision these projects beforehand? I have to see a picture before I can do anything...

    What type of paper do you use for your paper piecing? I have used regular printer paper, and I have tried special paper, but when I iron as I go, the paper-piecing paper rolled up on itself and shrunk! (It's rather pricey too.)

    Wannabe quilter

  3. Hi Betty,
    Do you think Summer will ever get here so I can use all of this stuff? LOL.

    Welcome Wannabe quilter,
    I use the cheapest copy paper I can find. I just buy the $3.00 a ream at Walmart. It works great and I can't see why anyone would need the pricey stuff.

    I never thought about going "green"....hmmm...maybe I can be the "Geen Queen". Ha ha

  4. You are so clever Zoey! Love all your new projects and can't wait to see them on your deck!

  5. Hopped by to see if Good Friday might find a gardening post and found the wonderful deck decorations going strong. You do know you are an inspiration to many. Blessings at Easter!



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