Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Lost Treasures Resurface

It's amazing how much jewelry I have that I never wear. About ten years ago I was "into" jewelry and bought quite a bit of it.

This past weekend I was going through jewelry boxes and found some nice silver pieces that were pretty tarnished. I decided to clean them up and start wearing them again.

This set of four different stoned rings is pretty cute.

I had completely forgotten about this very long necklace. I delicately twisted it into the cleaning liquid and let it sit about 15 minutes.

It now sparkles against this black top.

This is the cleaner I used.

I've always liked the chevron necklace above, but it had a clasp that would not tightly close so I have not been able to wear it. I got out some tweezers and a pair of cuticle scissors and poked, pushed, and squeezed until I finally got it twisted into a workable shape so it would hold tightly.

I now have quite a few more pieces of wearable jewelry. I found pieces I didn't even remember owning. I think I will continue the search next weekend as there are other places I have not looked in for years. I am sure to find other long lost treasures!


  1. Just like Christmas all over again. Such fun! Can't wait to see what else you find.

  2. Beautiful pieces! I also have loads of jewelery that I almost never wear. My Mom had loads and I have all of hers and most of Grandma's. There are lots of vintage pieces among them.
    Have fun rediscovering yours.

  3. I like silver jewelry too! Did you use to buy from QVC? The heart necklace sure looks like one I bought from there years ago. I have tons of jewelry myself. I made a board (foam board) to hang the majority of my thin necklaces off of (with 't' pins) and it works well. I so need to do a little silver polishing too.

  4. I love the ring, that is so unique! And the heart necklace iso cute too. What a little cleaner can do!
    Please show us more of your 'found treasures'.
    I am baking peppernut buns today...

  5. The ring's colors look like Easter. It's nice to see you blogging and quilting. I knew you couldn't stay away for long! ;)

  6. Great finds. All new jewelry and no cost! Can't beat it!

  7. Sally,
    That’s exactly what I was thinking—just like Christmas.

    Susie, It’s nice to have inherited pieces. I only have a piece or two.

    Dianne, you just amaze me! Yes, indeed, I did buy most of my silver from QVC many years ago—back when the prices really were less than the local jewelers. That heart is one of my favorites and I do still wear it often.

    Betty, I don’t think I’ve ever had peppernut buns. Are you baking for Easter?

    You were right. (smile) One week off was enough.

    Exactly! That’s why I love forgetting things I own. It’s such fun to refind them!

  8. You mentioned buying quilts at one time from QVC and it stuck...then I saw your heart necklace. You know QVC is out of PA and about 25 minutes from here. I've been there one time, for the tour. And we have a few outlet stores in the area too.I don't go to them that often, but my late mother-in-law loved the store near her. And I do have a QVC quilt too-on my bed-not that nicely made (it was a gift from Bri's mom).

  9. Ah, Dianne, I forgot that they were in your state. I used to watch it way back when the "thank-you-for-the-Jeffrey" guy was there. Remember him?

  10. Ok, was that Jeff Hewson? I got his autograph one time! I see a lot of people are still working there when Bri is channel surfing-Mary Beth, Jane, Bob.

  11. You have a memory like n elephant! (they say elephants have amazing memories). Yes, that was his name. I wonder whatever happened to him???


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