Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I HATE to Shop

I know I am an anomaly -- a woman who hates to shop!

I am talking about the shopping done in malls,-- physically going from store to store, trying on clothes, waiting in line, writing a check, etc. etc. For me, it's a waste of valuable time.

Luckily I have discovered online clothes shopping. Much to husband's chagrin, I have no aversion to shopping on line. I love to click, click, click and within the week boxes appear full of wonderful items like these that I ordered today:

I am in need of brightly colored jackets for summer. I think my early morning shopping spree turned up a few nice ones. (Yes, I did buy two of the very same jacket, only different colors. I do that all the time.)

This whole order took less than 15 minutes of my time.

I know many of you are probably thinking that it's very expensive to order online with all those shipping charges. I admit it can be. But I only buy when they are on sale for at least 50% off. If I can buy them for about the same as it would cost at the local JC Penney (which is about the only clothing store I shop in), then I click without regret.

I know online shopping is not for everyone, but I am so happy that I discovered it!


  1. I love the first 2 jackets! I buy way too much jean stuff. I love the style and the color of the second one. I love actual shopping but only a few times a year.

  2. I'm with you, kiddo! I despise shopping.

    Too bad you didn't make that lemon coconut cake. I was about to hop on over for a slice.

  3. love the color of the first pink jacket! I have a daughter that hates to shop, too. She does some/most of her shopping on-line, or takes her sister who DOES have the shopping gene!

  4. Mmm. Coldwater Creek. Love the fact that you can get on their e-mailer and they will tell you when the stuff is on sale. Whee!

  5. Guess I'm getting old - didn't you just show us the cute jackets you were ordering from Coldwater Creek for fall/winter???? I am not doing well at keeping up. :) These are all beautiful - I love the colors. When I find something I like, I often buy it in more than one color too.

  6. Jean, I think if your name is Jean, you are destined to love jeans! LOL.

    Giddy, Darn. If I knew you would hop over, I surely would have made one!

    Muum, I hope that color looks the same when the jacket arrives...it's more salmon than pink, I think.

    Jenn, If you do order from them, be sure to check online for coupons. I used one that gave me an additional 40% off the already reduced prices.

    Kris, that was way back in December, I think. I've ordered quite a few more jackets since then. I need them for work. At least I keep telling DH that.

  7. I also hate, hate, hate malls. I don't like to buy slacks or jeans online if they are a new style, but I do buy one particular brand of jeans that I have worn for years. I jusbuy a new fresh pair every now and then. I love buying tops though. I been shopping online for years.

  8. Nice choices! I guess you never send anything back? I have made a few poor choices and had to send a dress back last year at my own expense. I didn't really like what I got at the Coldwater Creek sale last year. I didn't know the slacks were cropped (I am too short to wear crops)
    I like catalog shopping too.
    I'm with you, if you find something you love, buy more than one!
    I really like Kohls for clothing the best.

  9. Jane Marie, I don't buy pants either. So far only tops and one dress.

    Dianne, I have never sent anything back. Sometimes you really have to read the description. I received one white jacket that had big flared sleeves--UGH! I didn't realize it would have those. AFter hanging on my sewing room door for 4 weeks, I finally took the bottom of the sleeves apart and made them normal. Now I love that jacket and can't wait to be able to wear white.

  10. I can surely make the cropped pants shorts. I tend to let my clothes pile that needs fixing pile up. I'm a whiz at turning pants up though.
    That's great that you didn't have to send anything back.
    I'm not a perfect size anything, so I sometimes go up a size in tops and vice versa. Hard to shop for me!

  11. I also don't like shopping and now find that I'm not alone on that one. Haven't done online shopping yet..
    I too buy the same item but in different colors..makes shopping simpler that's for sure.
    Thanks for the pics of the 'online' clothes!

  12. Nice duds! I like shopping online, too, except for the fact that you can't try it on first. You'll be stylin' now. :-)

  13. Hi Zoey,
    Love your jackets. I don't have all that many dressy things any more.
    (I rarely wear a dress or skirt anymore). I enjoy shopping, but don't need that much. I have way too many clothes as it is..

  14. When do we get a fashion show?

    They are all beautiful.

  15. I like the first one best. Probably because I spend most of my time in casual clothes. Your are right, the finish work on that brand is wonderful.


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