Monday, November 14, 2011

The Trees are Ready When I am--Which Won't be Today

Yesterday afternoon  as I was scrubbing floors (on hands/knees - I will spare you that picture) & cooking this pork roast with sauerkraut and carrots,

 DH brought up two Christmas trees. He put the big pre-lit  tree together (except for the top, which I asked him to leave off  and put in a plastic bucket so I could decorate it on the floor rather than on the ladder--at 7.5 feet tall the tree top is always very difficult for me - even on a ladder--the stand adds another foot or so).  I was too pooped to do anything with the trees on Sunday.
I am planning to do the main tree in bronze/gold/lime green. Saturday I bought these bronze icicles at our local dollar store. What a deal -- 3 bronze icicle ornies for 50 cents. 
I bought all they had, which was six packs. So I have 18 glittered bronze icicles for $3.00.

The window behind the tree is the family room window that I can't find the curtains for. Because I don't want to see the bare curtain brackets, I always leave the rod up and twist greenery around the it, then decorate it to match the tree.  Once I get the tree decorated, I will move it right smack in the center of that window--that is why it does not matter if I don't find the curtains until after Christmas.

I decided this year to do this little skinny 4ft. tree for the living room.  It's the perfect size for the edge of the dining room/living room. I am planning to decorate it with faux hydrangeas this year.  This tree is very old and the branches tend to fall out of those little holes that you stick them into. It used to be very frustrating to put it together every year & I detest putting strings of lights on a tree.  Now  I store this tree in the basement all assembled with the lights on and an old sheet tossed over to keep the dust off.   It is very lightweight, so it is easy to carry it up.  Once upstairs it's all ready to begin the fun decorating. 
The small tree sits inside a sled that I used to put outside on the deck. The sled is a great container for a small tree--it gives the tree more "presence", adding to the height and girth. It's related to the holiday and it 's also pretty darn cute once I put gifts, etc. inside it.  You can't see the runners in this pic, but I will take a better picture when it's completed.

So far I have not done a thing with either tree, but I like that they are upstairs and ready when I decide to start decorating. I will probably putter about with them after work each day this week.

I just looked at what people where googling when they landed on my blog and it's almost all Christmas related---pink tree, bronze tree, gingerbread man tree, sunflower tree, aqua tree.........etc. I have done so many different trees that they find my blog for almost any theme they search for.   So I don't think I am the only one with Christmas decorating on my mind.

I had such a busy weekend and Monday is always a busy day at work, so I have no energy left to cook. Luckily last month, when we went to one of those tribute concerts, we bought two meat-lover's pizzas (from a bar where we enjoyed a midnight snack) just to bring home and put in the freezer.  So tonight I will just pop one in the oven and reheat it.  Love that  small upright freezer we bought a few months ago!  We should have purchased a larger one as we have this one filled already.  DH had to rearrange things to fit a 14 lb. turkey that he got on Saturday.  I have always felt that the freezer is a working woman's best friend.


  1. You must have just did this post as I'm #1 (so far). I wanted to say I love how the dining room looks from your different shots with the color and new light fixture. I like the idea of a smaller tree in the sleigh. I remember you had a Victorian tree in the sleigh once. Your colors sound scrumptious.
    I went for a walk in Longwood as I am trying to walk 1-2 miles a week for exercise (snicker, snicker). Actually I am walking and it's helping my knees. I have one Christmas decoration in the window, a little cardboard house I bought last week. It's surrounded by Autumn decor. ; )
    Still waiting to hear about training for the job. I'm getting a bit peeved.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    Yes, I have used that sleigh a few times. Last year I only did one tree because I did not host the family Christmas Eve party.

    I hope you hear from them soon!

  3. Zoey, you know it's November, right??? I mean, if you start putting stuff up, then everyone will have to do it, including me. We've already spoken about our gumption (or lack thereof!)
    You have waaayyy more than I do, I am sure of it!
    Still, I cannot wait to see the hydrangea tree. Is that a new one, this year?

  4. Oh Zoey, I would like to see the picture of you scrubbing floors on hands and know for proof:)
    I decorate two trees, one upstairs and one downstairs. I would like to have more but I really don't have the room.
    You do such a great job of decorating..I'm waiting for pics.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your decorated tree. I bet it will be beautiful.

  6. I am with you Girl! I brought up my tree on the weekend, pumpkins are still floating around, but I feel better that we are on our way.


  7. You are so caught up with things. I'm still behind and not much time but can't sleep and thought I would catch up with some of my favorites.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  8. LOL, Sissy. Do you think I have started a chain reaction?

    Hi Betty,
    Two is all I am doing this year. I like to do them, but taking it all down is where the work is!

    Fiesta, I hope so. :) It should be soon as I did fill the tree with flowers last evening. I just need to add a few pearls now.

    Eileen, I was wondering if you did. I know you mentioned you wanted to. It will be nice when we have it all done and can just sit and enjoy the season. Decorating early is why fake trees were made. :)

    Cher, I woke up early (4 am) this morning. I love to get up early and go to bed early.

  9. Zoey, I don't work and I don't know how you get all this stuff done. You are such an inspiration to an old duffer like me.

    I'm going to go out today and tackle my outside decorating (if you can call it that) and then we'll think about the inside. The problem with me is I think too long, lol.

  10. You are right on the ball Zoey getting ready for the trees.
    I always get hungry anymore coming to visit your blog. LOL!

  11. Having seen your Christmas trees since I fist started visiting your blog, I have no doubt that they will look gorgeous once again:-) It always leaves me in awe when I see the wonderful job you do with them. Such a cute idea to put one in an old sleigh!! I've started putting up a few things and will do a bit every day, that way I won't be so overwhelmed trying to do it all at once. My tree will be last but I will have it up by the end of November. It's a gorgeous day today so I may go out after lunch and decorate the deck. No use waiting until it's freezing! lol xoxo

  12. Karen,
    I am an older "duffer" than you! Ha ha, you crack me up. I don't do any outside decorating. Inside is all I can handle.

    Hi Lona,
    I will be very glad to get the trees done so I can just relax for the remainder of the holiday season.

    I agree, get that done before it gets cold outside!! I doubt if I could keep up with all the decorating and baking you do!

  13. wow you are way ahead of the game...

  14. Zoey, I am really looking forward to seeing your trees when you have them decorated. You are very creative with the themed trees you have done over the year.
    Blessings, Beth


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