Friday, November 25, 2011

Bronze Green Christmas Tree

Wednesday, November 23, 2011:

I don't know if  I should call it a bronze and green or chartreuse and copper Christmas tree.

  I have a lot of copper/bronze/gold/green/chartreuse items from previous years.
I have used the bronze color scheme before.  Here is a pic of my entertainment center from 2008:
I am going for this effect on my tree, but adding a big dose of what I believe to be chartreuse green. Most of the items you see here will end up on the tree this year.

I should have plenty of decorations to do a full tree and not spend any more than the $3 I already spent for the Dollar Tree icicles above.  It really helps to have a fully-stocked basement!

As you can see I have a long way to go!
I need to get off the computer, climb up this ladder and start fluffing this tree (the top still needs to be put on) that has been sitting in my family room for a week!
 It should be fun to see a new trendy color combo take shape.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

And it was....

I brought up four or five big tubs of bronze/green/gold ornies from the basement and decorated the tree this afternoon.

I was pretty skeptical as there were big empty gaps between the branches and I could not "fluff" them out.  DH was more confident as he says that every year I say that I will never be able to fill the gaps, but I always do.

The first thing I did was the tree top. I know it's usually the last thing one does, but this tree is over 9.5 feet tall (I don't know why I keep saying 7.5 ft) and even on a ladder it's hard for me to do the top.  So I did  the top while it was sitting in a bucket and then  had DH put it on.   I took two silver wreaths ---do any of you remember when I painted two of these twig wreaths that I had on my deck

silver for Halloween 2010?
Well, as I was in the basement looking for tubs of ornaments, I saw the two silver twig wreaths and suddenly thought they may work for a tree top.  So I brought them up and I put one on each side of the tree top to balance the weight. I added some gold ball sprigs and some green picks. Then I put a big copper/bronze poinsettia in the center.

Then I just started opening tubs and adding whatever I found that fit the color scheme to the tree.

I ended up with this:
 Those Dollar Tree bronze icicles are not very well made. Two of them came apart as I removed them from the cardboard.  I just hot-glued the top back on and they were good to go.  What do you expect for $3 for 18 ornaments?  They are not top quality, but they worked quite nicely on this tree.

I bought the little green  sequined balls from the Coldwater Creek outlet about three years ago.

 I think I have 24 of them. They are quite small, but also pretty unique and the color fit well with this tree.
Here is the top with the lights on:
Every year I add a real bird's nest somewhere on my tree. It symbolizes good luck for the new year.
A few years ago a robin made a nest in my heart-shaped wreath beside my garage and then she abandoned the nest. I don't know if the mother robin died or what, but she left the nest with three eggs.  At the end of the season, I removed the nest and have used it each year on my tree.  Over the years two of the three eggs have been dropped and destroyed.  I have been taking extra special care of the last egg.

All in all I am happy with how the tree turned out.  Now I am going to watch a Lifetime Christmas movie.


  1. Very pretty. You really go way out for your Christmas decorations.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Great job Zoey! The colors go well together and in the end you had enough to fill up the tree.
    Now enjoy the twinkling lights!

  3.'s absolutely gorgeous!! Also, using those wreaths for the tree top, well, that was brilliant:-) Your trees always look beautiful, you have such a flair for decorating, no matter what it is. I did up my tree with all my vintage ornaments again and my tree top is an angel I've had for quite a few years. My mom uses a large cherub as her tree top. So many wonderful ideas, including using the wreaths. All my baking and decorating is done, now I can sit back and enjoy:-) xoxo

  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, I wish you'd come and decorate my home. You really have a flair for it!

  5. Your tree is DRAMATIC - wow, wow, wow! I love it. I also love how you decorated your entertainment center in 2008 - those reindeer are gorgeous, Zoey!

  6. WOW doesn't even begin to do it! Zoey, you are a maniac! Your tree is amazing, and I love those green touches with the metallics. You make me want to abandon my tradional way of decorating! WELL DONE!

  7. It's looking lovely! The color scheme is gorgeous! I especially like the silver wreaths at the top.
    I'm still debating about what I want to do. I got lights with big round red, blue and green bulbs (at a thrift store) and may do that color scheme. I did the Victorian scheme last year. The guys like the multi-colored lights. I've never done almost all green (Sean's favorite color). It's a fun time to decorate.

  8. Hi Cher,
    I do go all out because I enjoy the decorating process.

    thank you. I enjoyed the twinkling lights as we sat in the dining room having breakfast today. I made sure to sit in the chair facing the tree. :)

    You are always so kind. I saw your tree and it is also gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for that kind comment.

    I am planning to use the deer under this tree. I will probably post the finished tree on Monday.

    Your praise means so much. Thank you.

    I say if the guys like multi colors, go with it!

  9. lookin good Zoey...I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving...


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