Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hydrangea, Burlap & Pearls Christmas Tree

I finished off the last of the burlap roll on this Christmas tree.

I originally had only flowers on the top of the tree -- hydrangeas & faux liatris (hard to find--I bought them about 10 years ago). While pawing through a box looking for the muted pink glass balls, I came across this pink Hallmark Father Christmas that I bought about twenty years ago and I decided to use him on the top. I surrounded him with the faux liatris and some other faux flowers.

I do love my felt mice that I made over twenty years ago so I added quite a few of them.

They add a bit of whimsy to the tree.

I made dozens of them in red, green, pink and white. I only used the pink and white on this tree.

 I have had these mice longer than I have had my husband and we will be celebrating 23 years in May.  We both wish we aged as well as they have. :)

In the sled I added some old Christmas toys. This is my son's first teddy bear circa 1977.  I use this cute bear almost every Christmas. Some years he tops the Christmas tree and some years he sits under the tree.

I have a heart-framed pic of my son at 4 months old opening this bear hung near the teddy bear, as well as a pic from each of his first few Christmases hung in different areas of the tree.

 This lady bear  was a gift from my son to me when he was just a little boy.

These white bears are the Kmart bears from about 20 years ago.  I removed the red/green hats & scarves  and added my own hats.  The male bear has a Russian grey fur hat.
 The lady bear has this lovely vintage Christmas hat, probably from the 1940's.
She also sports a lace collar that I removed from a blouse of my late former  (very fashionable) MIL.

I do love a Christmas tree that evokes memories of years gone by.  This tree does exactly that which makes me quite fond of it.

The big main tree is still sitting exactly where DH put it a week ago.   It is much bigger (7.5 ft tall) and takes a lot more work, so I have not done a thing to it yet. I may begin to work on it this week.........then again maybe not until next weekend.  I am in no hurry.


  1. It's always a treat to come here. I love your style of pretty.

  2. I love this little tree! Nice to see your personal touches including your son on the various ornaments. He's a cutie! You sure are getting your money's worth out of the burlap! I also like that you are using things you've had a long time. Everything old is new again! And the bear's green hat-that is so cute!
    It's been a hairy 4-5 days with Brian sick. He ventured over his dad's today. He coughs when he talks mostly and had a higher than 'normal' fever, not sure what's doing on, but he may need an antibiotic.

  3. Your tree is lovely. I like all the personal touches added of your son. I want to know where the Hydrangea is in the title though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Zoey, you put so much thought and love into your Christmas decorating. The bears are adorable and even more so when the memories are explained. I wish I could have the energy to decorate a tree the way you do, yours is so beautiful.

  5. beautiful the pearls..

  6. I love how you used the burlap and hydrangeas on your tree. I just bought more burlap to use on my tree and just might add some hydrangeas as well.
    Love the bears too!

  7. I think the Father Christmas is perfect up there!
    So much nostalgia, with the Bears and the collar from your mother in law, I have nothing saved from the past!
    My fave is the Bear your son gave to you!

  8. I love that burlap showing up here and there. Too bad you have none left as I know we would have seen more creative work from you.
    The pearls are also a favorite of mine.
    Always a joy to come here!

  9. Some of the best things about decorating for the holidays is the memories from things we've collected over the years. Beautiful decorations, Zoey. And the burlap makes another appearance. I love it! I shall be using some in my own creations.

  10. Stunning Zoey. I so love how you used burlap for ribbon. You are so inspirational.

  11. Zoey,

    I love the way you used the hydrangeas and the pearls, so lovely and delicate. It is so special to put out the memories from past Christmas'. It is a bittersweet feeling to realize how quickly time passes. I can't wait to see your big tree.


  12. Zoey your tree is just beautiful.I love the hydrangeas , pearls and burlap. It looks so antique. I of course love the bears.

  13. What a pretty tree, Zoey! Whimsical, sweet, floral, pink...stunning!


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