Saturday, November 12, 2011

Burlap Lampshade Project & Halloween Bargains

You may be wondering what happened with that Christmas tree I mentioned putting up today. Well, it's not happening today for sure.


Because at 6:00 a.m. I saw these Pottery Barn lamp shades...burlap shades...
$39 to $69 per shade....hmmmm...
I  happen to have a whole roll of burlap on the floor right beside my computer. I had the sudden impulse to recover two lampshades. 
So right then and there, I ran to the family room and took the shades off two lamps. I have been wanting to replace these black shades because you can't see anything with them. I have to take the shade off the lamp if I want to read.
So I pulled the black fabric off. It was very easy to do...just yanked it and it came right off.
I used the old shade for a pattern.

My first mission was to get the burlap on. I decided to use Mod Podge, but I could not find any. So I had to go shopping with DH at 8:30 a.m. We first stopped at our VFW chapter's Fall Craft/Treasures sale. We donated a bunch of items to this sale. Of course I found a few treasures to buy. After that I went to Joanne's for my glue while DH grocery-shopped. I found so many treasures there, that I almost forgot the glue I came for. Then we both went to Kmart and the dollar store....I found treasures at both. LOL. I don't shop often, but when I do, I stock up.  We finally made it back home about 11:30 a.m.

Right after lunch I went back to working on the shade. The black fabric is stretchy and I think that distorted the pattern, because I found it pretty difficult to get the burlap on nice and tight. I had a lot of extra burlap at the top and eventually ended up cutting it out, which meant a second seam. I don't how that will turn out. 

I used my thinly-gloved hand to rub the glue over and under the entire shade.
Yikes, it doesn't look too good here, does it?
Poor DH took one look and just shook his head and walked away.  I must admit that at the moment I am not feeling the burlap love....

I am not giving up yet. The Mod Podge is going to dry clear.  I still have a few finishing ideas, but I have to wait until it dries so I can see where I am at.  I probably won't be able to do anything until tomorrow morning.  So you will have to stayed tuned to see if the project is a success of if it will be put to the curb for Thursday's garbage pick up.

In the meantime, look what I bought at Kmart:

Halloween decorations!  I could not resist. The black/green pumpkin was regularly $8.99. Just what I paid?  89 cents!!  Everything was 90% off.  I payed less than $3 for all of this.  Now, that's my kind of bargain shopping.  One bag is full of bloodshot eyes.  How cool would they be dropped into a Halloween cocktail glass?  I really must have a Halloween dinner party next year so I can use this stuff.


  1. Oh- I hope your lampshades turn out after all that work. I have to tell you- I really HATE working with burlap. I like the looks of it..the rustic quality of it- but I HATE touching it! So...I am anxious to see how they look when they are dry.

    Love all your bargains. I'd love a hEYEball for Halloween next year-make sure you invite me to your party! xo Diana

  2. Looking forward to seeing how the lampshades turn out, Zoey.

  3. I saw the Halloween stuff at our Kmart this week marked way down too, but I was on a mission for Radko ornaments 25% off. You know one holiday at a time.
    If your lamp shade turns out I will send you one to practice on. Our living room floor lamp needs a new shade, but dang those things are hard to find.

  4. I hope you remember all your fun Halloween decorations next year! I always tuck them away and forget about them.......for years.
    Good luck with the lampshade. I love the Pottery Barn stuff, but wow-the prices are crazy!

  5. Waiting anxiously for the end product!

  6. Having worked with Mod Podge quite often, the project always looks terrible at first but once it's dried, it looks beautiful so I have high hopes for your lampshades:-)

    Love the Halloween decorations you bought and the price sure was right! What gets to me at those sales, though, is the fact that even at 90% off, the store still probably makes a profit! lol xoxo


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