Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Many Times a Day can HGTV Air the Same Program?

I used to love to watch HGTV.  Now every time I turn it on, I see House Hunters.  WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BUYING HOMES?????  I can barely stand it!  I ask myself how many times a day can this show possibly be on?  I wondered if it just seemed like I was finding this show every time I turn on that channel.   So I decided to check it out.  I get home from work around 3:30 p.m. By the time I am ready to turn on the TV, it's about 4 p.m.
OMG-- starting at 4pm, it's on 7 times in one 24-hr period! I am not going nuts. .. . it really is on every time I switch to that channel.  Why? Why? Why? Do people really care about this show?  

Rather than watch HGTV's boring repeats, I suggest you all try to find a R*od S*tewart tribute concert. I went to one last Saturday and it was great. This guy looked and sounded just like the real thing. Just to prove it to you,  I found a few videos on Youtube.
He even came right up to my chair, knelt down, looked directly in my eyes and sang.  I got a hug before he went back on stage. I wonder if it was the animal outfit I wore? LOL.  Wouldn't you know I did not bring my camera this time so I could not document the big moment. 

Last night we did not get one trick-or-treater.  I guess all the neighbor's grandkids  went to larger subdivisions.   We have no young kids on our dead-end road.  Now I have to eat all those peanut butter cups. Darn!


  1. Some of this reality stuff is getting carried away. I don't watch that channel anyway but still it's annoying.

    Too bad about the Reeces, but eat a few for me. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. that is terrible to show the same show so many times....too bad about the candy...I'm sure you will find something to do with it..

  3. Cher,
    You are not missing anything. The past few years have been one big boring show after another

    I found something to do with it---EAT IT --LOL! Just what I need.

  4. Zoey, you're right. I used to love to watch HGTV but it is the same thing over and over.
    Eat a few Reeces for me please!

  5. Zoey- I am so sick of all those HGTV re-runs and home finding shoes that I hardly ever turn it on anymore. WHAT happened to all the design shows they used to do? What happened to all the FUN things they used to do? I hope they get someone to shake up their programmin pretty soon! xo Diana

  6. I remember ages ago when HGTV actually had GARDENING shows on. What a concept!

  7. Barb,
    Hi Barb,
    I have eaten a lot already! They are soooo good.

    I agree!!

    I remember, too. I miss those shows!

  8. OMG - I just flipped the channel and it's on AGAIN!!!

    7pm Nov. 1st.

  9. I can't stand House Hunters mainly because they are so picky about the paint color or the carpeting (besides the show being on all the time). You can change that stuff! The last time I watched was because my mom said they were in this area and they surely were.
    Neat about the tribute artist coming up and singing to you. When I was a teen, we went to a fair to see the Hudson Brothers (my friend and I) and I brought an orange gladiolus from home which the oldest brother pinned on his purple shirt-I have a photo too! Bill is Kate Hudson's dad. Cool, huh?

  10. My husband's favorite show! When I see it I keep saying is that on again?


  11. I rarely watch that channel anymore..for that reason!!
    We had 252 kids at our door last night. It was a busy night:)

  12. Okay this is where we differ. We like house hunters, the Blacksmith likes the ones in forgeign countries even.
    As for trick or treaters, we had 9 and I am eating the licorce while I sit here! LOL

  13. I used to love HG...but not anymore since they took favorite gardening shows off.
    I'll help you with those peanut butter cups. The kids wiped us out. We went to Church for an hour and saw that all the kids in town were in our neighborhood. Their parents drop them off...thinking we have a safe place for the kids to be. We love having them come..

  14. Zoey, are we Psychic? I have a huge bag of Reese's here, too and we did not have one, that's right, you aren't seeing things, not even ONE trick or treater. What a hardship it is for us to have to eat them all by our little selves.

    I SO wish you would have had a camera to record the tribute song....I bet it was the animal print outfit, lol.

  15. And really? HGTV airs the same program that many times in a row? Wow. Maybe they lost the rights to air other stuff? Seems ridiculous to me, too.

  16. Wouldn't it be nice to see more GARDEN and less HOME on that channel? We only had 3 trick or treaters here....having a give-a-way!

  17. I could not agree more! I used to love the gardeners diary and paul james' show... over and over they put the same shows on. They must be making a fortune because almost zero money goes into production.

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