Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Sale at CC

Since next week is my birthday, I took advantage of the big C*o*ldwater C*r*eek sale - buy one discounted item, get second 1/2 off  AND free shipping.

I like to post this stuff to my blog so that I can remember what items I ordered.  So here goes:

Loving this lace V neckline.  I find V-necks hard to find lately.

I am also loving these "waterfall" draping cardigans.   I enlarged this, so you can see that they, too, spell this color "grey".  :)

I ordered two of these crinkly sateen tanks. The pink one to go with the cardigan above and a white one  to go with the navy cardigan below.

This one is navy blue with small stripes.  I don't have much in navy.

Another white staple.  I never seem to have enough white tees to wear under jackets. It just hit me that I may already have this one!  Shoot! Now I guess I will two of them.

So these are my birthday gifts. My sweet husband always knows just what to buy me.  LOL.   Every few days, he visits my blog to find out what I have ordered.  He has not had much to read, since I have not ordered anything for about two months. We really don't even buy birthday gifts anymore because we have most of the things we need and neither of us can think of a gift the other would want. In actuality, he would never ever think to buy me clothes and I prefer it that way.  Instead of gifts, we usually go away for weekend trip.  I am not sure if we will this year, but if we do, I will have some new duds to wear.

So if you like CC, head over there and check out the sale. I watch them like a hawk with 20/20 and this sale is one of the best this year. Usually you have to spend $100 to get free shipping, but with this sale you can get it on any order, even if it's just one item.


  1. Zoey you are too funny about your shopping sprees. Nice stuff though. I am ruthlessly going through my clothes now. Have a garbage bag for a friend, one for my niece and two for Veteran's of America. All nice stuff. Did I really think I ever needed this much. :) Happy early birthday!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I had better let my friend know, she's addicted to CC.


  3. I may go take a look at CC, I love those waterfall cardis too, but they never fall right on me. My husband and I have the same problem with gift-buying. Now I just spend money on myself when there's something I want, and he does the same.

  4. Zoey-What a fun shopping spree. Love CC and we finally got one in our area. I'll see what I can find that you would approve of! xo Diana

  5. Pretty! If you lived around here, I'd give you my 20% employee discount-wait, you only buy from CC-lol. Lots of ouchies tonight and worried about Brian-see my blog.
    Early Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday a week early, Zoey! Great new clothes, very pretty. I love v-neck shirts.

    I know what you mean about buying presents for each other, we usually end up buying something big, like Ernie the Urn or a load of rocks and call it good for every holiday and anniversary, etc.

    For our 25th, we went to a quarry and picked out a big limestone boulder. I have the biggest rock any woman ever got for an anniversary gift, I bet. I'm a lucky girl.

  7. Cher,
    I know I don't NEED any of the clothes I buy. My husband thinks it's a sickness.

    I hope she finds some good bargains.

    That is exactly what we do. There comes a time when we no longer need gifts,as such.

    I find that the online prices are even better than the outlet stores.

    Dianne, I sometimes buy from local stores, but not very often since I discovered CC on line. It is so much easier!

    We bought the garage urns with money we received last Christmas from DH's parents. So I know exactly what you are saying!

  8. cute finds..Happy Birthday....


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