Monday, November 28, 2011

Bronze, Gold & Green Christmas Tree Additions

I was missing my gold pears and gold smiling stars when I did the tree. I found them when I brought up the box of gold reindeer.

Here is one of the stars:
and one of my shiny gold man-in-the-moons:

and some of the sparkly bronze pears I painted a few years ago:

I am still missing gold birds and gold metal bows, but I don't think I have anyplace to put them now!  DH was right. Once I got done this tree has few big empty gaps between branches.   One way I hide the big holes is to use large shiny balls deep inside the tree, rather than on the branch tips.  Like this shiny green ball which hides a view of the metal pole (hate that!).
I also stuck one of my whimsical elves on the side to cover a big hole. I have about a dozen of these that I made quite a few years ago.  I just love the little guys and wanted to use a least one of them this year, even though I am cutting way back on the decorating.

I think decorating under the tree is just as important as the tree itself. 
To fill the space, I put a few  gold reindeer under the tree with some packages wrapped to match the tree colors.

 I then scattered a bunch of my gold and silver-painted pine cones around the deer.  Again I have had these for at least 15 years.

I think I am now done decorating this tree.  Today I removed the greenery I had twisted around the drapery rod.  I did not feel like decorating that. I decided two wreaths would be easier. They were because I was tired and just stuck some stuff on them and hung them up to cover the curtain brackets.   Works for me.

This tree is in a spot where I can really enjoy it for the next month. To the left is the kitchen where I can see it as I cook, etc. 

Just for kicks, I looked up last year's tree. What totally different look it was with a gingerbread man/sunflower scheme:
I did use the same big green glittery orbs, but just about everything else is different.

Unfortunately we have a little kitchen problem.  Just  before we left for our Thanksgiving get-a-way weekend, we discovered that the sink is clogged.  Nothing DH does has helped, so tomorrow we will have to find a plumber.  If that isn't enough, our washing machine is also about to die. One day last week I heard a loud noise (like the load was out of balance) while doing a big load. When I went to the basement, I saw a little bit of water on the floor (coming from underneath the machine).  It's happened a couple of times since, but only when we do a large load.  Right now we are only doing smallish loads and it's working fine.  No idea what the problem is, but I am quite sure we will be having to buy a new one soon.

I am not planning to do any more decorating. It feels good to have it all done and the room cleaned up.

Is anyone else having a problem with the Blogger preview?  I have not been able to use it for the past week.


  1. That is an incredible tree. I think I'd just leave it up all year!

  2. It is a really beautiful tree Zoey. Lots of lovely things to look at.

    As for the blogger problem I'm not sure as I haven't used it recently. I'm going to try and get a post done this week.

    Plumbers are so expensive these days. Had one this year and I always dread having them in.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Zoey,

    The tree is beautiful with all of the shimmer. I had a week of constant repair last week, just about everything one could think of broke. I don't dare count up the charges. Maybe it was that Black Friday thing!


  4. Zoey, what ideas you have for decorating! Amazingly beautiful. Such a difference from last year's tree (which, by the way, I remembered after I saw the picture.)

    And on things breaking down.....I hear you. Carl usually is able to fix just about anything which is a blessing and a curse, because I have to wait until he 'gets around to it' which can be quite the wait. But if it was the kitchen sink, he'd hustle a lot more than he usually does, lol. The wash machine could wait as far as he's concerned. Men.

  5. I think this in one of my favorite trees that you have done over the years! Too bad there isn't a tree decorating contest as you'd be right up there with the top contestants. I will look for some big green orbs myself.
    I had to rake up leaves this morning! I was on call at 9:30, got up and he didn't call, so I guess if he needed me, he would have done so. I raked 2.5 hours and made a dent in the front yard. I have better things to do like decorating! I am taking down autumn today. I usually do the mantel first for Christmas, but have no idea what I want up on it this year. Brian went to work for the first time since Thursday a week ago. He wanted to stay home at lunch, but I told him he's got to get use to it again. He needs to look for a new job as they messed with his commission pay and it was terrible. January will have to be a luckier month. Thanks for listening. : )

  6. Good luck with your plumbing issues! We got a new washer last year. Brian almost broke this one last week when he overloaded it with about 10 towels and two sets of sheets. The barrel wouldn't budge.
    We put up with a clog in the upstairs bathroom for 3 months. I guess the guy had to disassemble it. I have a feeling one of those razor caps jammed in there as nothing we did helped. Good luck.

  7. What a beautiful tree. But then I knew it would be. You always make such pretty things.
    Wanna come and put mine up?

  8. You must be finished, Zoey because there isn't a spot left for a single thing!
    Hope your plumbing issues are small and the washer keeps on for another 10 years!!

  9. I absolutely love your tree!!!!!!!!



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