Friday, November 4, 2011

Burning Bushes and Other Late Fall Color

I just came in from a little walk through the back gardens. 

Who knew that this Johnson's Blue geranium's foliage turned bright red in late autumn?

I must have cut it down early in previous years because I don't remember this lovely fall color. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate on your garden chores! :)

When we had the porch put on this summer, we had to move a huge Burning Bush. We decided to plant it in the rockwall garden.  I was not sure if it would survive.
 It did and it is now bright red.  Below you can see it through the arbor:
 When I stand in my kitchen and look out, I see this:
From the Kitchen angle the cherry tree blocks the bush! Darn. I will have to decide whether to move it again next spring.

On my walk around the garden, I was happy to spot these three pastel-colored Oriental  poppies. This will be their third year and they look a lot bigger than they were last year.

I will be looking forward to a lot of blooms this spring!

On the deck the only planter still going is this little perennial herb pot:
 I might get to use some of that fresh sage in my dressing this Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully all of you out East won't get any snow.


  1. Zoey, I like your rock wall garden and I think the burning bush really sets off the area. You have beautiful design in your gardens! Have a good weekend.

  2. Zoey,you still have some nice color in your garden. I didn't know that the geranium leaves turned that bright red either until yesterday when I was out in the back yard racking leaves.
    I love the rock wall. I saw lots of those in New Hampshire.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the reds of autumn. The leaves are really falling fast. I am really dreading the bare trees.

  4. The red foliage on the geranium is really pretty Zoey. I did not know they turned a pretty red either. The red bush in your rock garden is pretty too. I need more plantings for fall color.

  5. Don't you just love that red foliage this time of year? We are a little slow here, no frost yet.


  6. The trees are bare over here, there's no colour left at all anywhere...can I borrow your burning bush?? lol It looks lovely with all its red leaves.

    No snow here yet but I've heard that some parts of Canada and the States have had quite a snowstorm already. I'm hoping not to see any snow until just before that's going to happen! lol xoxo

  7. Hi Zoey, we're having great weather here this weekend which is giving me some time to get everything done that needs doing. I bumped into one of our burning bushes this afternoon too, and it looked so nice and red.

    Love your rock wall!

  8. Love the color in your gardens.The burning bushes are especially vibrant this year. We were at Machine Shed yesterday in Rockford...the colors were beautiful. They have planted the burning bushes with other bushes of yellow and rust...It was breathtaking and I didn't have my camera. Who takes a camera, when they go out for dinner?


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