Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 11-11-11

I took a lunch hour today and went to the Veterans Day ceremony in our city. ( I just learned today that the official spelling is Veterans - no apostrophe.) It's very hard for me not to add that possessive apostrophe!

I was amazed at the number of people there. I expected perhaps a dozen or two, but there were many more people than that.

Cars were parked up and down both sides of two long driveways that lead to the field of white crosses.

On this very cold fall day  we all paid tribute to our fallen heroes with prayers, speeches, songs and salutes, including this nine second video of  the three volleys of rifle shots fired in honor of the deceased veterans .

(just click the first arrow to hear the guns)

As they do most years, my mom and dad carried the wreath for the Korean soldiers.
It was a nice service and I am glad I went.

Last week I bought a new necklace on a  black rope.  I loved the bronze/black color.
It goes with quite a few of my fall/winter jackets. Today I wore it with this one:

I am planning to stay home this weekend and get some much needed cleaning done. I may even bring up a Christmas tree and began to play around with this year's color scheme of gold/bronze/green.  I know it's too early, but  after this weekend, my weekends are all tied up until mid December.  So it's now or 4 weeks from now.  My feeling is if you don't do it until two weeks before, why bother?  LOL.  It's too much work for just two weeks. I promise I won't light it up until after Thanksgiving.


  1. What a nice post- I am so glad that you took some time to honor the did your parents. Love your new necklace-it's gorgeous! NO Christmas trees lit until after the Turkey is served on Thanksgiving- NANA SAYS! xo Diana

  2. I am so gald you mentioned that Christmas Tree. I have been thinking of bringing it up super early this year to make the whole decorating thing less daunting. I won't light it either but it sure would be nice to have it all done!


  3. Good for you Zoey, taking time to honour the veterans.
    I'm debating about putting up the tree too. I have the same thoughts about wanting it up for longer than 2 weeks. I always have it up before Grey Cup(football) here in Canada and that is Nov 27th this year. Our Thanksgiving was in October so I'm ready for Christmas decorating.

  4. Hi Zoey, We had a Veterans Day service in our little town but my neighbors funeral was at the same time so I couldn't go.
    I did put up a tree the other night but I decorated it will fall things. So right after Thanksgiving all I have to do is change the decorations.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. A wonderful way to honour the veterans and how touching that your mom & dad get to place one of the wreaths. We had a few services going on around here but I ended up staying home because I had hardly slept all night and felt like a zombie. lol Instead I lay down on the couch and watched on tv the service that went on in Ottawa. Always gives me goose bumps when I hear the firing of the guns.

    Now, Zoey, it's never too early to bring up a tree and decorate it...after all, the stores all have theirs up, right? hehe I'm itching to get my decorating started but I guess I'll wait another week or two...maybe! lol

    Your new necklace is just gorgeous and matches so well with your jacket. Lovely!! xoxo

  6. It's so great to honor people like your dad and I appreciated seeing his photo.
    Nice necklace that makes a nice statement.
    If you want to decorate your Christmas tree do it! The Christmas police aren't going to come to your house and stop you. I am going to wait until the end of November as I am going to be tied up with my bd and learning the job now. Have fun!


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