Thursday, August 4, 2011

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

Monday I got home from work and decided to clean some raspberries that my MIL picked from her garden.  I took a big stainless steel bowl and filled it full of water, and swished the berries around a bit.  I dumped out the water and then refilled  and went through the same procedure one more time. The berries looked clean, so I dumped the second BIG bowl of water down the drain and left the berries to dry.

About an hour later I went back to the kitchen sink and I was stepping in water...what? I opened the doors under the sink and everything was soaking wet! Water was dripping down through the closed doors.


I grabbed three big beach towels and started sopping up water from the floor. Then I removed all the stuff from under the sink and sponged up all the water. Now what?  I'm no plumber....I reached up to touch the round plastic thing right under the sink and it was very loose.  Immediately the righty tighty, left loosey rhyme went through my mind. So I turn the thing right to tighten it up.
 Then I decide to turn the one on the opposite side just in case it's loose, too...

and water starts pouring out! How can it pour out when I am tightening it?  I quickly turned it back, wiped up the water and called DH at work.  He told me to put a bucket under it and leave it until he gets home.  Sounds good to me.

 I hate when life's little distractions happen in my life, especially when I am home alone.

Enough about plumbing...

What's this friend connect stuff with followers? Sometimes I get a new follower  and I click on the name to send a thank-you-for-the-follow message and I get something that says I need friend connect........I have no idea what that is, so I just click out and I can't send a message.

So if I have a new follower without a blog, I thank you for the follow! I just can't figure out how to send an email to you. I hate for you to think that I dissed you, because I would never knowingly do so!
Please know that I appreciate all of you who find my blog interesting enough to come back day after day!

Now for my garden pic of the day........and not a pretty one this time!
So sad!


  1. Hey Zoey. Such a bummer when you can't figure things out, but boy that plumbing should not have been that loose. :) The Hosta is sad. Mine are burning all up along with everything else. Just too long with this heat and it's finally starting to really drain all the plants energy. As for google. Most people don't know they can list their blogs to show on their profile. It is a lot of going through things to find the place to do it. Geez you'd think they could have made all this simpler. I personally always follow back, it's just courtesy.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Plumbing stuff makes me nervous. Looks like you may have a loose fitting that just wore out? We have a hot water pipe that's been noisy for a year or so. It leads up to the bathroom and makes a loud noise sometimes. I remember asking my late uncle about it. He and Brian thought it was air in the pipes. The pipes are over 51 yrs old now.
    I know-the bugs are making a meals out of many of my plants. I am seeing stink bugs on the tomatoes even! The Moon flowers are about to open-so that will be neat. They are right outside the front door. My nasturtiums are very skimpy this year.
    I have to go mix up some tuna salad for Sean and me as Bri tries to go see his dad once a week and they get a hamburger.

  3. You garden. And now plumbing? You're very talented. Or brave. Or both!

  4. I hate plumbing stuff! I am not fond of Japanese Beetles, Earwigs and Slugs either.


  5. I hate that following thing.
    I have a hard time with bloggers that completely ignore it when you follow them. Or comment them.
    I hope you get the water issue fixed!
    Lucky you to have fresh berries! They were devoured by the Japanese Beetles, here.
    Yikes. So sorry bout the hosta. The good news is, next year, they will come up fresh and green, I have always thought they were cast iron!

  6. I hate when that happens.....

  7. Just not your day! I sure don't know anything about plumbing either..I would have done what you did. I'm always very happy for my handy hubby:)
    Aww the hosta is not looking too happy.

  8. Zoey you are a Jill of all trades


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