Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Nesting Weekend

I am making the most of my last two days before going back to work.  On Saturday we enjoyed a light lunch of tomato sandwich/orange juice and potato chips at this table on the deck.
I used the orange table runner and orange plates to go with the new canna blooms. I moved two coordinating cannas to the back of the table just for lunch, then moved them back to their current living quarters.
I love to do quick and easy tables when we are home to enjoy the deck.
I spent a couple of hours yesterday making stuffed pasta shells - six meals of them to be exact.  I have already put 4 meals in the freezer.  That new freezer is almost full. DH has been stocking up with meat specials for the past three weeks.  I think we have enough steak and pork roasts to last until spring.

I also spent  a few hours Saturday in the main gardens cutting down dead foliage while DH cut the grass and raked up a ton of crabapples from the tree in the front yard.  I snapped this picture just as he was turning to chat with a neighbor who stopped  while driving by to ask him a question about some work gossip.  DH hates gossip of any kind and always evades the questions.

Late this morning I was looking out the bedroom window with my camera trying to capture a picture of the dozens of grackles (medium-sized blackbirds) that were passing through.  I didn't get a good bird pic, but I did capture this red fox as it was passing through my yard.
We have finally spotted the fox the neighbor's were talking about last week. I am just glad I was not working outside when he/she passed through.

I went out early this morning to make a purple flower bouquet as I intended to do a purple Al Fresco table for tonight's dinner using these items:
 As it turned out it has been cool and  raining all day.  That worked out fine with me. Forced to stay indoors,  I decided to tie the quilt you see behind this table. I hated the way the back looked with the machine quilting, so I put on a new back to cover the ugliness and am tying it together.

I work on the quilt for a while

then I snuggle up with the quilt to take a break and read a chapter in my latest novel.
Life is good--so far it's been a perfect day.

update: Immediately after posting this, it began to hail and thunder .
and then the local severe weather alarm went off...not sure if you can hear it in this video, but you will certainly hear the big crack of thunder at the end!
I love this weather when I am safely at home with DH!


  1. Everything looks really lovely. That's so nice you do up special little things like that for the two of you. Love the flowers you collected for your vase, very pretty.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. That table looks so nice-you do such a nice job on that. Makes for a very pleasant meal.
    You got rain????? We had sun yet again. You must be stealing it from us!

  3. your final weekend off was spent in great style!!!! I was drooling over your tablerunner - tell me about that, will you? And your quilt is lovely, just beautiful. There's something so delicate and wondrous about your grape colored glass - I want to come over for dinner!
    You have extraordinary style - across the board! Tahnk you for sharing, and you'll be in my thoughts tomorrow when you rejoin the working classes!

  4. Zoey..a perfect day for sure!
    We had a thunderstorm last week..lightning and thunder and then a downpour that lasted only 10min. But every bit of moisture is welcomed here.
    A nicely set table..wouldn`t mind having a sandwich sitting out there among your pretty flowers and greenery.
    Lovely quilting..good to see you take a break to read:)

  5. so that is what rain looks watching it...I love your tablescapes...looks like a productive weekend...

  6. Zoey- Your gardens are beautiful and how wonderful to have a helpmate that likes to work in the garden with you (or FOR you!;>) You did a great job with the table..and cooking ahead. I am only off two more days too before I go back to work. It looks like you got a lot more done that I did!

    Now you HAVE to tell me-cuz I can't read the cover...What ARE you reading? Curious minds want to know- xo Diana

  7. Zoey, what a lovely tablesetting for just the two of you, so perfectly matched and romantic.

    I wonder if you have much rabbit damage with the fox on patrol? They are great for keeping them down.

    Your garden is so beautiful, I hated to see it hailed on! There was a huge storm north of us and a tornado this weekend, I wonder if that was the same system that produced the hailstorm? Glad you came through unharmed.

    What a nice weekend you had, I loved reading all about it!

  8. What a sweet way to end your summer break!

  9. Hi Zoey. Everything looks great. I wish we would get some rain.
    I am mentioning you on my blog today, call the Liebster Blog. It is meant to connect new bloggers.

  10. Thanks, Cher.

    Sue, thanks for being so generous and sending it my way! :)

    Jody, It is just a paper pieced runner I made a few years ago. I am sure I posted about it at the time. It's probably under my "table runners" category.

    Betty, our "storm" only ended up lasting about 15 minutes.

    Deb, It was a great weekend. I wish you Texans would get some rain!

    Diana, It's called "South of Superior" and is set in Michigan's U.P.

    Karen, I never thought about it, but I have not seen a single rabbit in my garden this year.

    Hi Darla,
    Yes, it was sweet. I just wish it did not have to end.

    Hi Barb,
    Thanks. But I am not a new blogger. I have been blogging for 7 (?) years.

  11. Neat and creative post-as usual. : )
    Your quilt is looking pretty! I need to pick up sewing or something different once in a while. I haven't done any kind of crafing lately.
    Your table looked so inviting too. We see red foxes around here.
    That was some storm! I didn't hear the siren, just the hail and thunder.


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