Sunday, August 14, 2011

Container Plants

First I need to show you this calla lily. It's the first time I have ever seen one like this. It's a Siamese twin calla! The two flowers share one stamen. I just thought it was pretty unique.

After the big winds from last week, I had to rearrange all the tall flowers  on the deck because they were separating and starting to flop. I moved the green table so I could use the house wall as a windblock. This area happens to get hot afternoon sun and most of my containers have tropical plants that love the sun.  I put a huge pot of rather dull purple/white Rembrandt dahlias against the blue door.

I left a nice wide walking area as this is the main entrance to the deck. You can tell I am doing this very early in the morning as the dew is still on the floor.

I put the table under one of the plant pictures on the lattice wall where it would be shaded from that hot sun.  Later in the afternoon, I sat there with an afternoon glass of wine and enjoyed being able to see both sides of the new arrangement.  Side One:
Side 2:
Did you notice the orange cosmos at the bottom of the plant clusters on both sides?
I grew them from seed last year and they reseeded themselves in the long containers that I saved. 
 I am thrilled as they are so nice and thick this year.
Each long planter also had 3 cannas in it. The cannas all died. I was pretty bummed about that until I saw the cosmos.  Now I am happy because they work great to perk up the bottom of container combinations.

The big green/white striped leaves are from Tropicanna 'Gold'.

No blooms yet on 'Gold', but Tropicanna 'Black' in the background is throwing up a new bloom almost daily. 

It's been raining since Friday afternoon, so I have not had much time to enjoy the new set up. I think it is going to stop today, which will be good as we have a family picnic at the lake this afternoon.


  1. Such a nice spot to sit and enjoy the world.
    Wanted to thank you for the input on the pink mallow---I think I'll be avoiding it.

  2. Your porch is incredibly beautiful! I wish I were sitting there with you, enjoying a nice glass of wine! We'd have LOTS to talk about, wouldn't we?

  3. Beautiful Zoey. The Calla is interesting. I am envious. Don't know what I did wrong but my Cannas did not store well, they rotted. I think it must have gotten to dry in the hall closet or something. Yours are beautiful though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. You really do have to tell how you store your pots! When you cut them down, what conditions they are in in your basement and all that, because when I tried it, the same thing happened to me as did Cher!

  5. I have had no luck overwintering cannas, either. I had a Tropicanna and killed it promptly. For years I had calla lilies and dug the bulbs and stored them, I had literally hundreds of 'em, until one winter someone tossed a heavy bag of something or other on top of the tote they were stored in and all of them rotted. Oh, well, easy come, easy go. I didn't have any beautiful yellow ones like you have, especially fancy ones that sport twin flowers!

    Love your deck, I have to think about making things around here more inviting. Your deck is so lush and tropical, like a Hawaiian paradise!

  6. You have some beautiful container plants Zoey. The Calla lily is amazing. When I first saw the picture I wondered what was wrong with it.LOL! I have the Rembrandt dahlia too and was very disappointed with it. That is one I will not be saving this winter.

  7. Zoey, Oh how I wish I had your deck and flowers. They are so beautiful.

  8. Zoey your deck with all those plants and flowers is just should retire and spend your days there:)

  9. Wow, this area looks so inviting-love all the blooms. I am glad you can enjoy it so much.

  10. your deck is so inviting....


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