Friday, August 5, 2011

Making a Few More Changes

This is the time of year when I get a little bored looking at the same things in the same places in the garden.  I decided the aqua blue milk can would look good with the pink Park Princess dahlias, so I moved it  here (where the rusty milkcan used to be).

Now that I have so much pink in the area, I am wishing that I had not moved the red daylilies here last year.  Ah, well, that's the fun or gardening.........always changing things.

 I put the rusty milk can where the aqua can has been all summer.

  The rust color goes nicely with the red daylilies and the reddish canna leaves that predominate during August.
I also moved the Ligularia (tall yellow spikes above) to the deck. You may remember the Ligularia is planted in a container so it's easy to move.

Here it is on the deck where I can enjoy its last few days of bloom.

The Lamb's Ear flowers were getting too tall, shooting out in all directions, and beginning to droop.

I cut them down,  which really perked up the front of this border.
The lavender is now dying so this area is not looking as good as in this pic which is a few days old.

I am at the point where it is very, very difficult to make these gardens look good!

Some rain would help so that the brown grass surrounding the gardens would return to its dark green color. Nothing brings the garden down like dead grass.  We got a bit of rain three days ago, but not enough to do much good.

I have to water the containers every day after work. To do both the deck and garden containers, it takes a good hour of hose dragging. . . hate that!  But it must be done, so I am going out now to get it done.  Hope you all have a great weekend. I plan to get a lot of minor projects done this weekend.


  1. I was just saying to hubby the other day that the garden(mine, not yours!) looks TIRED. And it does. We need some rain, and a good hard pruning back of some half dead stuff.
    But I don't see that in your garden--it's still looking great!

  2. Thanks, Sue.
    That is probably because I just finished cutting it all back--all the hosta flowers/lilies/Lamb's ear were all chopped off. Now half of the daylilies need whacking down...there is always something!

  3. Very pretty and I'll tell you I like Lamb's Ear better without the blooms personally. :) Like what you've done.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I'm with Cher! Something about those Lambs ear blooms looks so grotesque to me!
    I do not agree with you, Zoey. Your gardens look great. I'll bet you're developing some real good upper body strength draggin the hose around! :)
    We'll be wishing we can drag the hose around in February!

  5. That's funny! Here I thought I was the only one who wished Lamb's Ears didn't bloom! I cut mine off early too, otherwise they spread seed all over the neighborhood. Your garded is lovely and I so appreciate that you move planters and plants around trying to get that "perfect" mix of color!!! Guess that why gardening is so much fun, if you don't like it you can always move it....atleast that is my theory.

  6. It still looks vibrant to me after checking out my sorry gardens. Haven't felt like doing any weeding. I may do the front bed and add some marigolds for color.

  7. You have a very pretty and so many blooms in your garden! Wonderful for the eyes to see and enjoy!

  8. Wish my August gardens looked this good!

  9. I think your August garden looks wonderful. Mine is getting some holes in it now and I hate that. Having something in bloom all the time here is not working. LOL! I just cannot get that layering thing down. I love that your lilies are still in bloom and looking so pretty.

  10. Your garden certainly does not look as tired and poopy as you think it does! But I can absolutely relate to several of your comments about it. I, too, am bored with my gardens right now and my lawn is brown in places which makes the planted borders look terrible. And I am so tired of watering. I feel exactly as you do about it all, even though I know it looks good to others.

  11. Hi Zoey,

    I agree this time of summer is hard to keep things looking their best. Most of my blooms have faded and it is too early to cut down some of the plants. My sedum will soon be out as well as the goldenrod.

  12. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I love your ligularia!


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