Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink, Purple, Yellow Braided Rug

I have a Lazy Boy sofa and loveseat that I bought 18 years ago in a pink/purple/blue/yellow/green floral pattern. They are made by  Lazy Boy, but they are not big and bulky and they do not recline.  I loved this set when I bought it.  But now I am very tired of it! It's been 18 years--how long should a person have to live with the same pattern?  However, this sofa/loveseat is in my living room and nobody ever sits on it except for my Christmas party when I have so many people that they need to use this room. The sofa and loveseat are in perfect condition....not a wear spot in either. I had planned to get rid of both sofas and buy new, and replace the carpet, but after looking around, I have price shock!

The Big Kahuna just put carpet in two small bedrooms and it was over $2,000.  I wanted the same carpet throughout the house--3 bedrooms, family room, dining room, living room.  The family room carpet is showing wear and needs to be replaced. The living room and dining room have the same 18-yr old carpet, but those rooms are used way less and the carpet looks brand new. 
I just cannot justify buying new carpet or new sofas for the living room, yet I want to change the look.  So I have been searching for rugs.  Two days ago I found this one in an 8' x 10' size for roughly $270, which is way better than the $4,000+ to replace the furniture and carpet!

  My sofas have some pink, purple, and yellow just as this braided rug has.
Do you think this braided rug works for the cottagey look I like for my green walled, white-beamed living room?  It is so hard to tell from a small picture. I have been searching the net for a week for something a bit more muted, but I can't find anything.  Sometimes the pics look brighter than they really are.  The other 8' x 10' rugs I have found are very expensive--like $1,000+ each. FORGET IT--I am not spending that much on a rug to place over the carpet!! I had wanted to get rid of the pink color scheme, but instead I may have to embrace the pastels and go with this rug.

I would love to get your opinions before I order.

Speaking of ordering, most of you know that I hate to shop and I order almost all of my clothing on line. I have ordered every month for a few years, causing DH to be slightly annoyed.  He said he wished he could get just one credit card statement without a charge from Company CC.  So I have been trying since April to be his fairy godmother and  make his wish come true. I had no idea it would such a difficult task.

  Is it really my fault that I placed two orders on the same day and one hit on the June bill and the second on the July bill? ( I guess they don't charge until it ships and one of the orders did not ship until a few days after the first order, causing it to be on the July bill.)  DH says it does not matter when I ordered, just which month it hits the credit card. That's ridiculous! But I can play his little game. After all, I am not addicted to ordering or anything like that.  So I  have been waiting it out.

  Here it is August 30 and I have not ordered one single item in nearly three months (it helped that they have not had much I liked). I think I have waited long enough.   So today I ordered this jacket:

It was in the outlet and I used a free shipping coupon, so the price was quite reasonable.  Not as reasonable as I used to buy jackets.  They have raised outlet prices considerably in the last year.  So I just order less items.  Anyway I am looking forward to getting a new item to wear for fall (actually I ordered two jackets). :)

Since I ordered it on Aug. 30, it can't possibly hit the August credit card bill, can it????? Boy, that would really tick me off!


  1. Good morning, Zoey
    I'm with you-I hate shopping. I haven't bought new clothes in 2 years!! Hubby is sick to death of seeing the same old rags on me so yesterday we went out searching....and came home empty handed. It's so hard to find anything of quality anymore. I refuse to spend a lot on clothing so flimsy you know the first time through the wash it will fall apart.

    I don't see how your charge can be on the August bill--but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you just the same!!!

  2. Oh Zoey you made me laugh this morning over your ordering. Nice jacket BTW.

    The rug is lovely. Of course I really like braided rugs in my country style home. Now it looks like it would look really good, but... You really don't want pink and you know what? You are never going to be totally happy with it because of that. There has to be blue out there. Blue is the main color in country/cottage. I think you will be happier waiting until you find what you want. JMO
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  3. I feel you decorating pain!!
    Our couch is 19 years old, still looks brand new. since the kids left home, no one ever sits on it. We have our double recliner (that looks pretty sad)Our crpet is maroon and needs to be replacaed afater all it is 19 years old too. But I just hatae to see those $$$ fly out of my savings.
    So what do I do??? I just shut my eyes when I walk through the living room.

    I love the throw rug you show, it looks like a real cottage rug!

  4. Are you kidding me? I inherited the thrill of the hunt (and passed it on to Sean) from my mom! This is the best time to find summer clothes bargains. I need to try on some things as I am different sizes on the top and bottom (sometimes).
    As for the rug-I do like that braided rug-it's different! Ever think of a slipcover too? My brother and wife have very similar floral designs but they have burgundy in the mix. I have bought a sofa slipcover and it was a heavy canvas (very cottage-like), but it was red. So I lived with a red sofa before I bought a red sofa. The family room has berber carpet that is 19 yrs old-I have had a few rugs over the main area where we walk and it changes the look of the room. Good luck!

  5. And....some people turn their living rooms into something more functional and dare I say, just get rid of the sofa! They get a pool table or a big beautiful table instead. You'd had a ball tablescaping and cutting quilts out on that. Something useful.

  6. Well, I guess I am not the only one with older furniture and carpet.


    I am quite the opposite in that area.
    Even I have to admit that I buy way too much clothing. My husband would be thrilled if I had not bought any in 2 years! :) I do like to find the bargains, though. I never pay full price.

    that's a good point. I am never happy if I have to settle for less than what I had originally wanted.

    If my husband reads your reply, he will most certainly tell me that I should also just shut my eyes! LOL.

    This is exactly what my original plan was. I have already used it for the dining room at least twice now for a few months each time. It works nice except I don't have a chandelier over the table, but I just used candles. I would have one installed if this was a permanent change.

    My plan was to turn the smaller dining room into a reading/chatting with company room with a round ottoman and 4 comfy upholstered reading chairs. Who knows, I may end up doing that yet!

  7. I don't know, Zoey, I hate to be negative, but what are the odds that rug matches your furniture?? One thing I did notice...the jacket seems to match the rug and the sofa!!
    Just like you to accessorize your outfit to your furniture! :)

  8. Zoey, I am terrible at decorating and so am of little help to you. (I didn't replace my carpeting or couch for over 30 years, so like I said, I'm of no use, lol!)

    When we remodeled a 'little' last year, we tore out the old brown carpet and went with hardwood in the living room and I'm not sorry. It's been a year and I still love it. I just plunked a big rug down in the middle and sewed some new curtains and we were good to go. The couch then left after finding a leather one for a very good deal from the estate of a deceased lady. It had been purchased less than a week before her demise, so it was new yet. Sort of. is plain brown leather and much blander than my other couch which was actually on TV. (My Name is Earl---the exact same couch with the trees and big flowers and covered bridges was in Joy's, ahem, White Trash living room!)


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