Saturday, August 6, 2011

Farmer's Market Treasures

Today was our once-a-year farmer's market flea market.  DH and I were there at 7:30 a.m. They don't officially open until 8:00 a.m., but if you arrive early, they always let you buy. 

I got some garden treasures (well, to me anyway).  What do you think?
I got all of this for $16!  Do any of you know what the rusty thing on the left is?  I think it may be some sort of kerosene heater???? The moment I saw it, I thought it would be a great garden "art" accessory.  I got it for $4.

For the time being, I put it in this little garden:
DH really likes it.  I am happy when he takes an interest in the garden.

I think I will use the watering can for it's original purpose--watering plants.I put in on the
potting bench:
I think for the time being I will also use the big metal wash tub as a wash tub.  I like to use them as planters, but I don't want to poke holes in the bottom. Sometimes I need a big wash tub.

The blue granite coffee pot will be a vase for fresh flowers. I have a skinny one, but I like this big fat one.

I did buy some fresh garden veggies:

summer squash, zucchini, carrots and these strange beets (they remind me of a rodent). I guess they are supposed to be the creme de la creme of beets---elongated, not round.  I think I will roast them in the oven early tomorrow morning and have them with the Roast Beef Rouladen I am planning for tomorrow's dinner.

It has been a hot humid day today...too hot and humid to do any garden work.  In fact I was out trying to find a place of the new garden "art" piece and one of the neighbors drove by and yelled "it's too hot to  do that!"  I was the only person in the neighborhood who was outside working in this awful humid weather!


  1. We were out doing yard work all morning, but finally came to our senses.
    Hubby confirms the round rusty metal item is a kerosene heater. Love the round tub-I usually put holes in that stuff too, but I have 2 HUGE ones I put under the eaves to collect rainwater. They look a bit more "pretty" than old plastic pickle buckets-LOL!

  2. The humidity forced me back inside, too. Hard to breath, tough to get anything done. I wish I had an eye for those things. When I see things at garage sales and that, I pass on them, not able to see the potential!
    I have no idea what the big rusty thing is!

  3. Hi Zoey. All the vegetables look really good.

  4. Sue,

    Good idea to collect rain water--except for the sorry fact that we never get any rain! LOL. Thanks to hubby for confirming the unknown object. We are supposed to get rain today, but so far nothing. I just went out and watered the deck as I can't go by the forecast. It has rarely been correct this summer.

    They are calling for rain tomorrow, too. We shall see...............

    Sissy, It must be humid all across the midwest. I am really, really sick of hot, humid weather!

    It worked!

  5. Great finds and yes that is a kerosene heater. Maybe no longer a safe one, but that is what it is.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Hi Zoey, great finds! The kerosene heater was a staple of my childhood, we used it whenever the power went out at home to keep the house warm. I guess our house wasn't exactly airtight, lol, because we didn't worry about carbon monoxide. I remember heating a pan of Spaghettios on top of one just like that during a blizzard way back in the day. It makes really neat patterns of light on the ceiling, too.

    The washtub is another thing I still use to this day, since I'm a WWW (Wringer Washer Woman) yet.

    I am so sick and tired of the heat and humidity, never thought I'd actually long for fall!

  7. Add me to the list of not liking hot humid weather..but come winter we might long for those warm days..maybe not!
    Zoey, I like your flea market finds..I say keep the tub for washing purposes..years ago I poked holes into my wash tubs and now I am sorry I didn't at least keep one that I could use for washing.

  8. We were in the northern lower yesterday and oh my goodness, was it ever humid!! Good thing we had a lake to swim in =) I love your treasures...and yes, that's a kerosene heater. Looks cute in your yard!

  9. What great flea market finds! I like what you did with a few of them. I took some squash and tomatoes to church to 'share the harvest' and brought home a crookneck yellow squash. I will probably cook it tonight with some pork chops.
    We are gettin much needed moisture in the gardens, but most of my flowers already pooped out.

  10. Ooooh, I absolutely LOVE all of your new found treasures!! That certainly does look like some type of kerosene heater and leave it to you to think of using it as a garden ornament...perfect! Using the old coffee pot as a vase is also a wonderful idea. I need to start looking for things like that:-) xoxo

  11. Loving your blog! New Fan!!!!! Would love to see you at Cottage Flora Thursday this week (you have so many gorgeous garden posts!) xoxo, tracie


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