Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Blooming Tuesday and I Have Very Little to Show You

When this white phlox blooms, it means the end is near.

I do have one bloom on the Endless Summer oops! Forever and Ever hydrangea. I have three Endless Summers and so far (3 yrs) they  have all been duds.

I got two magazines yesterday. The covers of both scream of fall decorating and baking.

Wouldn't you love to welcome guests with this entrance?

Here is something more manageable -- replant a container with mums.  I never do that. I wonder why...a nice planting of mums would last until early November.  I really should replant the big garage urns with mums.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm....I will have to give that some serious thought.

I love this--simply gorgeous!

Don't forget to visit Jean, our Bloooming Tuesday hostess, to see what everyone else has today.


  1. Very pretty blooms. Your Endless Summer is pretty much like my Forever and Ever. Numerous years with them and they die to the root each year. I am not doing the Macs again.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Zoey My Endless Summer has taken a couple of years to really start to show off.... not as large as I expected tho. Nice ideas for fall..

  3. Zoey, just set the huge mums into the container - save yourself the soil and trouble of planting! My white phlox are also saying goodbye to summer!
    Hope your first day back wasn't too painful!!!

  4. Zoey,

    I am thinking of replacing my Endless Summer with Little Lime a small version of Limeling.

    As far as fall, I always say I am not going to buy mums because they do not come back very reliably. There are bloom times for mums just like daylilies, early, middle, late and extender mums in between. There should be a list online. I am doing more cabbages and chard this year, last unntil December.


  5. Very pretty blooms. You have some great inspiration from these magazines here.

  6. I just stopped at HomeGoods, they are all set for Halloween and Thanksgiving too:@)

  7. Hi Cher,
    Hmmmm...now I am wondering if mine if Forever and Ever....that sounds kind of familiar! I will have to look it up.

    Rosemary, I moved 2 of mine this year, thinking they needed more water. They look a tad larger, but so far no blooms.

    Jody, that's a great idea! then I could plant them in the ground and hope for the best.

    I have had the same problem with mums coming back and that is why I don't' bother anymore. I was thinking of treating them as annuals for the containers...just to get some nice fall color.

    I love fall magazine issues!

    Happier than a Pig,
    I have not been in the stores for a few weeks, but I expect they all have their displays out by now...I bet many have Christmas items out!

  8. I have had good luck with Belgian Mums.I ordered them about 4 yrs ago...online: http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/ProductCart/pc/Buy-Belgian-Hardy-Mums-Online-c375.htm

    They are almost carefree. I don't even pinch them back.

  9. I love phlox and my own are spelling the end of Summer now too. I didn't get either of those magazines yet this week...boo hoo...I can't wait! xo Diana

  10. Love the whites you showed us this week and the ideas you gave us are so beautiful!

  11. I love your phlox--mine get so ratty looking-I'm getting close to just ripping them out!
    So, are you going to copy the magazine photo with your place? Wow-it does look amazing, but I'd be willing to bet it would put you out a few hundred dollars. I love the fall decorating issues--they have some great ideas to copy.

  12. That white Phlox is pretty gorgeous. :)

  13. Once again I must ask . . . are you sure we weren't separated at birth? I have both of those magazine on my end table!

  14. Zoey, I do like the white phlox! I buy cheap mums every year and leave them in the pots for decoration. I have a couple that come back but now I don't even try. Jean

  15. I love the phlox and hydrangea!
    I think you should replant your urns-there are tons of mums at Walmart this year.
    Did you feel the earthquake?

  16. I'm planting Mums this weekend. Have to replace some heat expired plants:(

  17. Your flowers are beautiful and enough to enjoy.

  18. Hi Zoey, I see you read both Midwest Living and Southern Living. Wishful thinking? Retirement dreams? Your plox are pretty. Hope your endless summers perform better for you. I don't really have any clues, other than how to change the color from pink to blue. Several of mine did well but the oldest and largest failed to bloom at all this year (and no, I didn't prune it incorrectly). Go figure?!
    Blessings, Beth


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