Monday, August 1, 2011

Picture Frames around deck containers

My deck containers do not begin to fill out until late July.    Once they do,I  have fun turning the space into my outdoor living room. Most of the plants are too heavy to lift easily, so I just drag them about until I am happy with the look.

On the weekends I like to bring out all sorts of items to make the deck more homey--.rugs, quilts, pillows, magazines-- even my old bathroom closet door ---really, it's behind this table.  I hated louvered doors in the bathroom, but I love them as deck accessories. Last year it was bright yellow, this year it's turquoisey blue. (I will have the paint color info at the end of this post)

 See the picture frame I showed you yesterday?  I decided my summer living room needed some artwork on the walls so I framed a plant.

Actually two plants were framed. I now think the frames are too blah and I should have painted them a bright red or orange.

I had originally planned to paint the white glider green, but decided against it when I realized how much work was involved. It was much easier to just touch it up with white solid stain when we did the lattice last month.

I love how an outdoor rug warms up a seating area.

The hanging basket plant, Silver Shield, is getting a purple flower. Bonus! I had no idea this
fuzzy-foliaged spiller bloomed. I hope it gets tons of blooms because the whole container is pretty boring. See how thickly the grouping of flowers along this area is arranged?  There is a reason. One, this side gets the afternoon sun.
But mainly, it's to cover stuff like this ugly trailer parked just feet from my deck:
The trailer comes and goes, but now I am prepared when it reappears.

Here is the eating/grilling end of the deck, which is quite sparsely planted compared to the living room end.
I wanted to show you the two whiskey barrels. See the liatris in the one on the left side? It's huge! I need to remove half of it this fall and plant it in the barrel on the other side. Remind me to do that, OK? I know I will forget.

Saturday Barb from Barb and Dell Designs asked me the color of green paint I used for the picture frames.

I have to thank Cindy from Custom Comforts for finding this fabulous shade of green. In early June I left her a comment about the color she painted some wicker furniture and she was nice enough to email back with this info: " It is a Home Depot Behr Paint called Marsh Fern (410D-4). The card number in the top right corner is 420D and I bought it in the paint plus primer version, so I wouldn't have to prime the furniture first." Knowing the number to look for in the top corner really helped me to find the color quickly.  I was touched that Cindy would take the time to give me such detailed info. It was the first time I had visited her blog and she did not know me at all. Thanks again, Cindy!

The blue paint is Sherwin Williams Rapture Blue. Here is the formula:

I am partying over at Jean's Blooming Tuesday  and Fishtail Cottage for Flora Thursday. Come on over and join the fun!


  1. What a comfortable space. I love how you have it decorated. Very nice and inviting!

  2. Wonderful space Zoey! That lattice work is great and allows for vertical gardening. My Sedona coleus is still being eaten. I am really going to attack with the big stuff today, systemic didn't work, maybe some garden dust.


  3. I'm ready to move in!!! What a delightful space you have created - it's absolutely charming!

  4. How the heck do you decided where to sit at your house? Your BEAUTIFUL deck or the inviting new front porch???

  5. Zoey, Your deck is beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous as usual. You have a lovely place.
    Thanks for answering the question about the green paint color. I love it!
    Have a great week.

  6. Zoey, I'm so glad I stopped in for a visit on your new porch! How wonderful this is, MUCH nicer than the interior of my home, I hate to admit.

    Love the flowers and the quilts and your color schemes. I wish I could send the Red Hatters to your house, they would be thrilled!!

  7. Thanks, Sue.

    Eileen, I am sorry to hear that-- keeping my fingers crossed as my Sedona has not been bothered at all.

    Jody, come on over and have a glass of wine with me.

    Patti, It's way to hot sit on the front porch until after the sun goes down. I don't think we will be using that much for sitting.

    Hi Barb,
    You're welcome.

    Oh, Karen, I think the red hatters would much rather see those gorgeous gardens you have!

  8. Hi Zoey, I love the lattice, and how you framed your plants! How creative you are!
    Hugs, Beth

  9. Hi Beth, Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  10. Now that's what I call a comfy deck! It looks fabulous with all the plants, rug, cushions, etc. I would want to spend all my time sitting out there:-) What a neat idea to put frames around plants like that, I love it!!

    It's almost 7:30 pm and still 86 degrees out there. There has been no end to the heat and we've had no rain to speak of. It's been 3 days in a row where they keep saying we're in for sever thunderstorms but nothing happens. We're in desperate need of rain, the lawns are burning and I'm tired of having to water everything by hand! lol xoxo

  11. Everything looks fabulous! Wow-so colorful from end to end. I hope you enjoy it out there for a few more months.

  12. What a lovely place you have created . It should be in a designer magazine.....your creative uses of louver doors and picture frames..the bright throw make it a delightful spot to enjoy the garden.

  13. Love the frames, Zoey! I like the muted color scheme, makes the red in the quilt and red really stand out! Too bad about the silly trailer, but at least they don't have goats, or something!!

  14. Hi Pea,
    We have had the same promises or rain and then not a drop. FINALLY today it is raining…not much so far, but I am hoping to get more.

    Thanks, Dianne. I am planning to enjoy it until mid-October. But you never know in Michigan. We could have snow by mid-October.

    Rosemary and Balisha,
    Your are both so sweet—thank you!

    I think you are correct. The blahness of the frames makes it easy to change colors, etc. I may leave them as is.

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Zoey. In answer to your question - yes, Nebraska organizations also pick up litter along the highways for community projects. We also have areas where wildflowers are grown along the highways - those are my favorite routes.

    You have created such a welcoming setting on your deck! Don't you wish we could leave it like that all year? I don't think our Winters would be very kind to our ideas. I also quilt - only when the weather forces me in though. I often take photos of my finished projects outside - it seems the sunlight gives you a more true photo of the colors. Love, love, love your use of the frames!!

  16. Hi Judy,
    I guess that litter project is across all 50 states.

    I love to play with the deck, but I must admit that when mid October rolls around, I am glad to put it all away until the next year. I like to hibernate all winter--cook, bake, quilt--perfect way to while away a winter.

  17. Zoey, Your deck looks so inviting! Love the way you decorated this year. Lovin' the turquoise! Jean

  18. Oh Zoey, I could never get bored on that gorgeous deck of yours. I would just sit back and relax and enjoy the spectacular view. Do you have 'deck service'? lol

  19. Love your deck! I bet you spend alot of time out there


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