Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Have Been Coveting a Limelight Hydrangea

Almost every garden blog I go to lately is showcasing their Proven Winner  hydrangea 'Limelight'.  I passed up this hydrangea in June and have been regretting it ever since.

So when I went looking this weekend and found one for $35, I grabbed it. Is that expensive?  I thought it was, but I really wanted this one.

Once I got it home, I could not find a place to plant it.  I have mentioned my nearly pure rock garden soil before. Where I wanted to put this plant, I could not dig deep enough. So I found a place I could dig near the smaller arbor and put it there--in front of a shrub and between two pine trees.

I was not happy -- it was just not the right spot.

So  Sunday morning  I asked DH if he could try to dig a deep enough hole near the big arbor where I really wanted it. Being the good sport he is, he came out to dig. First he removed these asters.
which was really a shame as they were looking good this year with only about a foot of ratty foliage at the bottom.  Nonetheless, they had to go to make room for the hydrangea.  I can be heartless when on a mission! :)

After digging down about six inches,  he hit  pure rock.  I told him (3 times) to forget it (I know how miserable it is to try to dig through limestone). I would just have to leave 'Limelight" where I had planted it Saturday

He said that maybe if I filled the hole with water and let it sink in, he may be able to dig deeper.  So I did that--twice.  I don't know if it was the water or just the 15-minute break waiting for the water to go down....but somehow my amazing husband dug a hole deep enough and I was able to replant 'Limelight'. I was thrilled to no end!

I think this is the perfect spot for this hydrangea.

I did not even know it turns a burgundy color in the fall!  The one I bought is already turning to burgundy.

I am now really happy with the placement of this hydrangea.  Thank you DH!!


  1. Zoey-it's just gorgeous. I'm glad you got it, and am happy you have such a cooperative hubby. Maybe you should rent him out.......I have a LOT of holes that need digging--LOL!
    As for the price---divide $35 by how many years you'll enjoy that plant. Cheap!!

  2. Hi Sue,
    DH is taking his afternoon nap. I think he deserves it today. Not only did he dig the big hole, but he took my car to the carwash and then waxed it!

    If the Limelight lives through the winter, you are correct, $35 is not that much!

    Thanks for stopping by Sue.

  3. Hi Zoey. Very beautiful. I love my Limelight. It's wonderful. In fact took photos today for my post this week an you'll get to see them. I am trying to remember if my blooms showed any pink last year and can't find a fall photo but don't recall it doing so. They start out a light lime green and eventually go to white which mine mostly are but do still show some lime green on the bloom with a few starting to show some brown on the older blooms. Of course maybe its the growing conditions from the garden center. Now Pinky Winky gets the pink on them. I'll watch mine closer this fall. That is not to high of a price at a nursery since it looks good size. Kudos to hubby.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Hi Cher,

    I did not think they turned pink either. I will be eager to see if yours do!

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi Zoey,

    Glad you found a spot for one, they like moisture, an acid fertilizer and grow quite large, six feet tall and even wider. They bloom greenish white, white then tinged with pink and then a little deeper pink. They turn tan in the winter.

    I know you will like the fact that the dried ones can be spray painted with an outdoor enamel for holiday decor.


  6. Hi Eileen,
    Thanks for that info. I did not know they like acid fertilizer. Do you fertilize in the spring?


  7. Wow! I have been scrolling around and I think you should come on over and make my place look like yours! Breathtaking! I struggle with flowers. So I have decided to apply my efforts to anything edible! :oD

    I love, love, love that you are a quilter too!!!

  8. Wow, that was a lot of digging but that was a good idea about filling the hole with water. Our yard is like a big soggy sponge as you can well imagine. I love hydrangeas too! Looks perfect.

  9. Zoey, you're going to adore Limelight, it's growing so well here and I have mine crammed into a nearly impossible place. Your husband sounds like mine, whenever I give up on something being too hard to do, it makes him more determined to get the job done. (Love the help, believe you me!)

    I love your sense of spacing and plant placement, I could use your expert eye here!

  10. Zoey, I also fell in love with 'Limelight' last fall when I saw someone selling the huge blooms-they were like basketballs-for $1 each for fall decor! So there, you can recover your investment! This spring, I promptly found one and planted it in a new island bed; mine is kind of "floppy" at the moment, but alot of bloom. Enjoy!

  11. Zoey, the hydrangea looks wonderful. I haven't seen any like that in the garden centres here...maybe next year? That was so nice of your hubby to help you with the digging. Looks like the perfect spot for it!

  12. Well it's a good thing you were able to find that Hydrangea because it's gorgeous!! I had bought a blue one a few years ago but I can't remember where I planted it because it never grew! lol I love the ones that turn colours lie your Limelight one. Glad that your hubby was also able to plant it where you wanted will indeed need to rent him out! lol xoxo


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