Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of Purple Phlox and a Couple New Blooms

I have a lot of purple phlox blooming right now.  The aqua blue milkcan is right next to this arbor. It is surrounded by purple phlox as well as the pink dahlias.  You can see just a touch of its blue color at the bottom of this photo:
 Note the brown grass. It is really tough to have a decent-looking garden when the grass goes dormant from lack of rain. We did some rain yesterday, so that should help.

The planters on the arbors have not done nearly as good as I expected them to. By now they should be hanging down at least 3 feet.  You can still see the planters and it's nearly mid-August.

The phlox in the front of the pic below is called 'Little Laura'. As the name implies, it's a short phlox. LL is perfect for the front of borders or along paths as mine is planted here. The color is very bright, a bit harsh, so that may discourage some people from planting it.

This purple phlox is in front of the new path. So now I know the mildewy phlox I removed was white.

On the deck another dahlia is blooming. This one is a plain Jane compared to Myrtle.

 The first canna has bloomed. It's called Tropicanna Black. TP is my tallest canna - over six feet.


  1. I just bought a Laura Phlox this year--it's behind the garage in a pot awaiting a spot in one of the new borders. I love the color, but agree-some people might think its too bright. Too bad for them!

  2. I'm going to have to search out some phlox, yours are very, very pretty. The big cannas make a statement, too. I think your potted plants look wonderful, mine are all leggy and in need of trimming. I'll try to send some rain your way.

  3. Very pretty. My grass is also looking brown in patches.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I also like the smell of phlox. I have the same orange petunias, but yours look so much better.

  5. I just love your purple phlox, it's gorgeous! I bought a couple of phlox plants this year and have to decide where I want to plant it, it's still in pots. I need to move some plants in my front flowerbed because my Hydrangea is getting so big, it's covering some of the plants I had next to it. It's a never ending process, isn't it! I'm like you, I move plants around even when it's not the right time of year to do so! lol

    Your gardens still look beautiful, as do your potted plants. Your Canna is stunning!! xoxo

  6. Well said, Sue!

    Karen, you don't have phlox in that huge garden of yours? It's great for mid summer color.

    Thanks, Cher.

    Dianne, my orange petunias look good for a few days and then not so good for a few as they all dye off. I am not very good at keeping them deadheaded. Of course not having any rain keeps them looking good. There are few flowers as ugly as rain-soaked petunias!

    LOL, Pea. I have been doing that for years. I move when the urge moves me to do so. :)

  7. Hi, I've been following your blog for awhile, I enjoy it very much. Your pictures are always so colorful, there is always something going on in your gardens! I also like to see what you do with the things you "find", as well as all your wonderful sewing projects. You are one busy gal! Keep it up!

  8. Hvor har du en smuk have og så mange skønne blomster.

  9. Gorgous blooms Zoey! I love your phlox and dahlia. Your summer gardens are going strong.

  10. I discovered Volcano phlox a few years ago and they are also more compact - shorter phlox than the old fashioned kind. I have them in a deep ruby red and a very deep purple, and the whitest white I've ever seen. They've all be really mildew resistant too - a nice bonus after a soggy spring!

  11. Well, your canna is a tribute to all your watering. Mine are short and have tattered edges from the wind and lack of water at times.
    Your dahlia are gorgeous!
    Too bad about Brecks....

  12. your flowers are just beautiful...


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