Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Globe Thistle

My globe thistle is a bit disappointing this year. The plants are smaller than normal and there are not as many blooms as I expected.
I think I should paint that orb green--the same green that I painted the deck chairs.

This photo shows all the globe thistles in this area.  Some are much shorter than others--don't ask me why--it's not by my hand.
The bottom foliage of Globe Thistle can get pretty ratty looking. This year the foliage stayed decent. It must be because I watered this area quite often.  I really love these little blue orbs. I have tried to get a few plants established in other areas, but so far no luck with that.


  1. They look good. The 90's in May I think caused a lot of things to act strange this year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love those globes...I used to have them at another house...forgot about them. I think I will plant them here...Your garden is lovely..

  3. I would love to have these to take the place of the allium that bloom in the spring.


  4. I've had decent luck with them, though they aren't quite as floriferous as I'd like. I agree about the foliage at the bottom looking ratty...but mine were similarly decent this year. Hopefully next year will see them improved for you again, who knows what causes some plants to languish!

  5. I've grown some from seed this year--and am getting ready to plant them out for next years border. Is the foliage ALWAYS ratty? Should I be hiding the bottoms behind some plant?
    Yours are quite beautiful. I wonder if they dry well...........

  6. Is that a perennial, Zoey? I like the orb that natural patina look!!


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