Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Can't Leave them Alone for More than a Day

Thank you all for your comments over the past five days.  I have been out of town  without computer access so have not been able to answer as I usually try to do (had all my posts set to go before I left). I did read and appreciate every single comment. It was one of the first things I did after I got home. You know how I miss all you when I am away!
When I got home yesterday  afternoon my poor deck plants were pathetic. They have had no water or attention since last Sunday.  I think it did rain on Wednesday, but that was not enough for my pampered babies. They are used to getting a mega load of water every day. Most of the plants on the sunny side of the deck were near death.  I gave them all a good drink of water and they perked up nicely after a few hours, but a lot of the foliage was still yellow and  sickly looking.

How sad is this?
I went out this morning and cut off the yellowed leaves. It is looking pretty sparse, but I  think it will bounce back.

I also  cut off most of the drooping flowers from this big dahlia container, but the bottom foliage is beyond repair.

so I cut it off and then moved a big peach canna to cover its na*ked bottom.
 There. That's so much better.

I did have a few new blooms while I was gone.

This is my most interesting canna. I bought it as Picasso, but I don't think it is Picasso.  Whatever it is, it's so unusual with it's orange/yellow combination petals.  Most of the yellow section have orange dots all over.

My Peruvian Daffodil also put out it's second bloom:
 At least this year the flower was not half eaten by insects.  I am disappointed though as I had hoped for at least half a dozen flower stalks shooting out this watering can.

 I have another dahlia blooming. I can't remember the name of this peachy/yellow flower. It is probably on my blog somewhere, but I don't feel like looking for it.  :)
So after a few hours of work, the deck is looking OK, not good anymore, just OK. I knew all the plants would suffer if we did not get enough rain while I was gone, but I can't live to take care of the plants. So now I will just have to do the best I can with what I have left.

I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.


  1. We are really tied to our gardens aren't we! Each year I say I am not going to do many containers because they need so much water and then I can't help myself. I worry about leaving the garden unattended, don't know whether this is good or bad!

    Zoey, read Balisha's Never Enough Time about changing the comment situation. Each time I comment I have to select a profile, get out of my profile and then get back in again. I changed mine this morning to make it easier for people to comment.


  2. Well, yours look pretty good compared to my own. It has been one of those summers where my plants suffered due to my neglect and lack of time. Sad. Great "cover up" on your plant! xo Diana

  3. This was the first year I've really noticed how chained I am to the garden---I have so many planters it's difficult to find someone to water them all. I'm surprised you didn't end up much worse for being gone so long. Well, welcome go and tend to those poor plants!

  4. I think your flowers still look good for this time of year. I can't believe September is waving to us from around the corner! I'm sure the nasturtiums will bounce back as I have them bloom until October. My nasturtiums are very small. I am impressed by the Moonflower though. I missed about 4-5 blooms it had the other night-rats!
    Hope you had a nice time. Any photos? I live vicariously through people's photos, but maybe we'll visit Michigan someday. My last Uncle and his wife use to travel in an RV and met nice folks up your way.
    Whatever you did to your post comments-thanks-it use to take me 4-5 clicks before my comment went through.

  5. I mean 'late' uncle, not 'last'-lol


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