Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Pretty Good Saturday

I have not left the house today. There are very few days when I can do that and I really enjoy the few I get.

It gives me time to do things like this:

I got to use one of those kitchen tools that I buy and never take out of the package. It was quite fun once I figured out how to use it. I am injecting strawberry jello in these.

Then I took these naked strawberries

and dressed them in chocolate, nuts and coconut.

Oh, my, what a treat they were on this cold winter day!

Earlier this morning I worked on my 3-inch quilt blocks.

and I did a minimum of housework while DH did the grocery shopping (he bought those wonderful berries).

All in all it's been a good Saturday.


  1. My Mom use to make jello cake every sunday, whip cool whip. thanks for digging that memory up from the cellar.
    Love the blocks your paper pieceing.
    it will be a cold days in . . well you get the message when my husband does grocery shopping. Not sure he even knows where the store is.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Darn it Zoey, I'm hungry now!
    : ) Look at those goodies!
    I got your note-having a tall hubs has some advantages and t.p. stacking is surely one of them!

  3. And your quilt pieces look pretty too!

  4. Hi Zoey! You know just what to do on a frigid January day :) The treats look yummy!
    We had a very cold weekend here but bright sunshine helped yesterday. I'm happy to see it's back today for the beginning of February.
    Your quilt is shaping up nicely.
    I chuckled about the toilet paper...and the bed warmers :)
    Those porch pics really brightened my morning. Spring seems a long way off!
    Stay warm!

  5. Well, I'll be darn, they actually have a kitchen tool to inject jello into cupcakes?? I've never heard of that but now will be going out hunting for one:-) Too cool! Oh my, chocolate dipped strawberries are one of my favourite treats. I think the strawberries are on sale this week so will have to go buy some!! xoxo


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