Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is David Using My Rug?

That is the question that has been consuming the last hour of my life.

I was half watching Color Splash with David Bromstad on HGTV as I worked on my Christmas tree skirt quilt. At the very end of the show I caught a glimpse of a rug he used on the outdoor area he is designing. I thought it looked just like the one I bought last year.

By the time I got out my camera, the area with the rug was gone. I just caught a glimpse of it at the very end of the show.

Then I began searching my hard drive for the pictures of my rug. I couldn't find any. I guess I deleted them. I was pretty bummed until I thought to go look on my blog.

Sure enough I had a pic of it.
O.K. I guess his rug is a bit different. At least it appears to be from this picture. Darn! I would get a real kick out of picking the same (cheap) rug as a highly paid designer!

This tree skirt I am making is beginning to be a bore. Each block is exactly the same and I am getting tired of making them. I am only about half done. I hope I get a spurt of energy and finish them by this Sunday. I really need to clean off my ironing board so I can use it to iron some clothes!


  1. pretty the christmas tree skirt..

  2. Must have been a rug from the same batch..I'm sure of it!! smile
    Pretty tree skirt..the one I use is from burlap...rustic decor!

  3. My mom loves that designer and the rugs were pretty close in color and design.
    Good luck finishing your tree skirt, it looks cute.


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