Monday, January 18, 2010

To Plant the Arbors or Not to Plant, that is the Question

I spent a bit of time looking through gardening pictures to get some inspiration for the coming season. Last year I did not put anything on my arbor(s). Some years I have really decked them out, but they take a ton of effort to keep watered, deadheaded, etc. so I opted out lsst year.

After looking at a few pictures from previous years,

I am thinking it's worth the effort to plant them to the hilt. I hope I feel the same when June arrives. :)


  1. oh wow...they are gorgeous Zoey...

  2. Oh Zoey..I can't believe you are trying to make these decisions already..grin. But beautiful all the same..

  3. I say " Go for it " but how do you deadhead those flowers on the very top?

  4. Thanks, Deb.

    Here's the real bummer: I plan it all out right down to the flowers and colors, then in late May I go to buy it all and I can never find what I wanted so it all changes anyway!
    I guess it's just a fun thing to plan in the winter.

    Believe it or not, I get on a ladder and take the container down to the ground. I only do it once or twice for the season--when they look really bad. If I am really lucky my husband will be outside and I can get him to bring it down!

  5. such inspirational pics - thank you! We planted grapes at the base of our gigantic arbor last year - if they don't "take" this season, out they come for something more agreeable!

  6. The arbors are so beautiful, the one with the fog is breath taking.

  7. Jody, I tried for years to get something perennial to grow - viney flowers, but nothing lasted more than a year so I gave up. The ground is all rock there and I can only dig down about six inches so that presents a problem. I hope your grapes grow. I would love to have some grape vines.

    Good morning, Sally. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I like that foggy pic, too.

  8. What lovely photos! I thinking it's so worth planting to the hilt. Also lots of photo ops! Go for it!

  9. I planted grape vines along the outside of my deck wall and it took a few years to really get they are taking over and I get enough grapes to eat and make jelly with! I was ready to give up but am glad I perservered.


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