Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgive the Subject Matter of Today's Post, But....

Today DH was stacking a new 24-pack of TP on the bathroom shelf. He noticed that it was not stacking quite right and reached behind and pulled out the disobedient roll. wonder.........the back roll appeared to be a half inch higher than the rolls he was stacking. We were outraged to learn that Northern had been so sneaky in charging us more without our realizing that we've been had.

We have no idea how long that roll has been back there, but according to the article below, it's been a long time!

I found this on

Beginning about April 2000, Fort James Paper Company (800-243-5384) reduced the number of sheets in the regular size rolls of its Quilted Northern brand of toilet paper, from 280 sheets to 200 sheets. Not only that, but they decreased the length of each sheet from 4.4 inches to 4.0 inches. Concurrent with this change, they began adding "triple" rolls to their existing "double" rolls and regular size rolls.

The old double rolls had 560 of the 4.4 inch sheets, the new triple rolls have 600 of the 4.0 inch sheets. If you multiply these numbers out, you'll find out that the triple rolls are actually 2% shorter than the old double rolls. The combined effect of these changes is a price increase greater than 50%, assuming that the price per roll remains the same.

2000? We've been duped for the past decade and didn't even realize it!

Maybe it's time to go back to the Sears Robeck catalog...........or we could all print off some of those 1,000 plus page bills in Washington, that no senator or congress person had time to read before voting in. At least they would be useful for something.

If you really want to know the history of TP, go and read this CNN article, entitled "Toilet Paper Belongs to America." I found it quite fascinating.........I learned that the average American uses 57 squares a day...

Now I wonder would that be the old 4.4 inch sheets or the current 4.0 sheets?


  1. good post..I'm with you let's use those thousands of pages of the bills our government doesn't have time to read...and we wouldn't understand it if we read it....

  2. I was wiped out after I read this! Couldn't help myself! That's weird you had that elusive roll hanging around for a while. I found more fascinating tubes of stuff when I break down and poke around my closet once in a while-lol

  3. Interesting..we get duped and we don't even notice..


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