Friday, January 1, 2010

Here it is 2010

Wow! Time does fly.

I have had a jean jacket sitting in my closet for over a year. Remember that I told you I never return anything I mail order--too much hassle and by the time I pay postage/handling both ways, I may as well keep it.

This jacket has an annoying ruffle all around the front, right up over the neck and back down to the other side. I think that is why I have never worn it.

So I decided to cut the ruffle off and fray it.

I cut it to about a quarter inch, sliced it every 1/4" and put the jacket inside an old pillowcase (to catch the debris), tossed it in the washer, removed it from the pillowcase and dried it.

After a bit of tweaking it looked like this:

I like it much better now. I think I may actually wear it in 2010.


  1. great idea....looks great...

  2. I definetly like the new look better, Zoey..I'm not into ruffles either but would never have thought to fray it..thanks for this idea..I'll go scrounge for anything 'ruffley' I don't
    Show us a pic when you're wearing it..I'm sure you will have something great to pair it up with.


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