Sunday, January 24, 2010

This will surely give you a case of cabin fever in January.

I've been looking through my old deck pictures. As I mentioned before, it's that time of year for me. Last year I did not use my old grill planter. Look how nice the petunias look spilling out of it.

I also did not use any of the wall planters. Maybe I will use them this year -- and maybe not. I do remember how great it was this fall not to have any containers to dump out and scrub clean. I only used the big guys that stay planted and stored as is all year.

Here's a bunch of the big guys, from a few years back. I missed the purple fountain grass last year.
You may recall that I did not buy any extra annuals to add to the big pots. I just used what was already planted. I saved at least a couple hundred dollars from previous years when I bought at least a dozen hanging baskets and many flats of annuals.

Here a collage of last year's deck with the vividly painted new furniture accents and the deck quilts.
I did not paint the bright accents until late August so I didn't really have much time to enjoy it. I can hardly wait to get it all back out--it's still 4 months away.

It seems like last fall I ordered some new bulb from Breck's that does not ship until spring. I can't remember what it was. I will have to go back and check my blog entries so I know what to expect. I hope it's something I really love!

Update: Oh, yeah, it was this pineapple lily:

I will be planting it in a pot on the deck so I can give it lots of tender loving care.


  1. Oh Zoey, those pictures of summer and flowers are very appealing right now..I don't mind snow but I'm ready for spring. Oh I know it's still a long way off..

  2. your deck is great...can't wait to see it this summer

  3. Can't wait until spring!Love all the sunny, colorful pictures! I think I'll stick to my electric matress pad to warm my bed. Don't know that I would like a bed someone else was in! Still hoping to get back in the blogging grove. lol! Jean

  4. Thanks for brightening up my snowy gloomy non-sunshine day!

  5. I kind of missed seeing some of your previous pots, etc. but your deck looked great with the bright colors too. It's nice to keep it simple on occasion.

  6. I love seeing the colors of summer. I'll try to post a few of my trip south on my blog. Like you, I did not buy many annuals last year since I had overwintered many of my tender perennials.


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