Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage Necklace

I wore this vintage Sarah Coventry necklace today. At least I believe it is a Sarah piece.

Does anyone remember those in-the-home parties for Sarah Coventry jewelry?

My mom went to few back in the day. I think she gave me most of the pieces she purchased (I hope my sisters aren't reading this or they will whine because I got them and they didn't!).

I must say that the jewelry was very good quality. The pieces I have look as good today as they did when she bought them in the 1960's.

I get compliments almost every time I wear a piece of S.C.

Has anyone ever seen this piece before? I would like to know if it is in fact a SC piece.


  1. I remember the Sarah Coventry parties....nice necklace...

  2. I remember the parties but I wouldn't recognize any pieces. This is a pretty one..

  3. My mom had one party back in the day and I got to pick out a few pieces. One was an owl (if I remember correctly) that help your glasses when you weren't wearing them. Not sure if I even wore it for it's intended purpose. The other was a twisted ring with two faux half pearls. I still have it and it still looks nice. I think our party was probably in the early 70s.

  4. I do like your necklace too! I bet it is Sarah Coventry.

  5. I have a couple of pieces, I know earrring that the hubby bought me when we were dating and a necklace. But I don't have your necklace. (Even though we might be long lost sisters!)

  6. You brought back a memory for me. I checked and found a website for the jewelry.

    Maybe you will find it here.


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