Friday, January 15, 2010


To celebrate the weekend's arrival, I just popped the cork on my Christmas party hostess gift from Christina.

It is a very fruity and delicious peach apricot Chardonnay from a Michigan winery.

Thank you, Christina! I bet you are probably sipping a Margarita under the hot Cancun sun. You lucky lady!

Today my Mom stopped in to see me at work and brought some gifts.

She was reading my blog about the SC jewelry and brought me a couple more pieces.

This is the brooch that matches the Deep Burgundy ring. Oh, I just love it!

Here's another white enameled brooch that will be perfect for summer.

And she brought me the bracelet from the uncle who went to Greece. Gorgeous! Thanks, Mom.

Earlier in the week, we bought a fresh pineapple that was quite sour, so for dinner tonight, I took it and caramelized it with some bananas. I loved it, but DH did not like warm bananas at all.
I have no plans for the weekend. I really must spend a few hours cleaning. After that it will just be whatever piques my interest. Right now surfing the net sounds appealing, so I am off to do just that!


  1. Love the pineapple/banana combo! Some of that jewellery is starting to look familiar..I have to look through my old pieces to see what I have. I rarely wear any jewellery but it sure would be fun to find some SC pieces! I'll let you know if I do, Zoey..

  2. Such beautiful jewelry and I'm so glad your mom brought you the pieces!! I remember my mom hosting SC parties when I was younger and I also remember being so thrilled that I was old enough to attend one:-)

    I've never tasted warm bananas but the pineapple/banana combo does sound really delecious!

    Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo


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