Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010

I am happy to report that I did stay awake until the new year came in.

I didn't get very many pictures because it was dark and it's kind of embarrassing when the flash goes off and everyone looks in my direction. :) I assured everyone at my table that I was not getting their faces, just table and hands toasting shots. So you won't see many people, even though there were about 300 attendees.

Isn't this the cutest robot? He was going up and down the corridor as we were all waiting to get into the banquet hall for the NYE party. He would stop and talk and make funny little jokes. I thought it was quite a unique way to keep people waiting in line entertained.

This was our dinner table -- nothing too special about it--just your typical banquet table.

I thought this was a little interesting -- one chocolate confection atop an upside down water glass with a silver bow.
Dinner was steak & chicken Parmesan, garlic redskin potatoes and creamed asparagus.
Dessert was banana split cheesecake.

We enjoyed the band. They were very young, but they played a lot of music from the 70's/80's --DH and I even danced a little after dinner - something we haven't done in a while. I snapped this pic as were we walking in to the room. The band had not yet started.
See all those balloons on the ceiling?

You should have seen the mess when they all dropped at the stroke of midnight and everybody spent the next 15 minutes stomping on them until each one was popped.
I am glad I did not have to clean it up!

I did not end up drinking any Cosmos, but I did enjoy the bubbly...I only had two of these tiny little glasses, so I certainly did not over indulge. It was a good thing I drank so little because I would have hated to miss this sunrise outside my window at 8:15 a.m. on New Year's Day.
What a way to welcome 2010!


  1. beautiful sunrise Zoey...great photos of New Years...

  2. Looks like a fun evening. So you are saying you slept in a little on New Year's day? : )
    Brian has been off and going to bed at midnight and getting up late-like 10! I warned him and I heard him up taking a PM Tylenol earlier.
    I love your sun rise photo too.

  3. Thanks for sharing your fun evening Zoey..via photos that is! I wondered about that little 'choc thingy' on the upside down goblet..the meal looks delicious.
    Beautiful sunrise..landscape looks the same here!

  4. Happy New Year, dear Zoey! I finally have a free day ahead of me so I'm doing nothing but visiting my bloggy friends today:-) I've just read all of your posts that I had missed and I'm so glad that your Christmas party turned out so well. Love that orange tote you received!!

    Sounds like you brought in the New Year in a fun way:-) We used to always go out to a party but haven't done so in years. Now it takes me everything to stay awake until midnight! lol Love that sunrise picture, it's breathtaking. xoxo


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