Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Eye Glasses

Yesterday I got some new glasses with a lot of bling!

I debated whether to go with a boring pair that would match everything or something fun.

I went with fun -- black and pink with 3 glittery gemstones on each side. I love eye glasses as a fashion accessory and wish I had a pair in every color. These won't go with a lot of outfits, but I can still wear my last pair for days when I am not in a pink mood.

Today will be the first day I am wearing these. I hope I like them!


  1. Those are you! I bet you can do a tablescape that will go with them too. I think they are great.

    By the way, I went looking for the Simplicity pattern your wrote about for the bag? Can't find it, is it an older pattern?

    Hope you are staying warm .......

  2. you go the pink...

  3. Beautiful eyeglasses Zoey! Love the bling!

  4. You have me chuckling, Sally. Yes, I could do a matching table. I have black and pink dishes. LOL.

    I can't remember which pattern I used, but they are all over a year old. I have been buying them for years (so it could be well over a year old) and never using them. I actually only used the pattern for the size and I made up all the rest from quilt patterns.

    Deb and Betty,
    Thank you. I wore them all day today. I was so busy that I had no time to think about them, but I managed to get everything done without one thought of the glasses, so I guess they are comfortable and I can see well with them. That's the important stuff!

  5. Very pretty and different! I may have to get some new ones soon (eye doctor next week), so you inspired me!

  6. Those are nice. Just a bit of pizazz. Very YOU.


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