Thursday, February 4, 2010

Such a Mild Winter

I went out late this afternoon in my green polka-dot jammies and Crocs see how the garden was faring this winter.

This is all the snow on the deck.

Most of the garden is snowless. That's not so good. The plants really need a good snow cover to make it through the winter.
Although this corkscrew grass (I have already forgotten its name) is doing well heeled in next to the house. It's still green, so I am very hopeful that it will survive. It would be almost certain to survive if we get a good snow cover soon.
Last year at this time I was shoveling the sidewalks almost daily. We had banks like this:
Ugh...I remember that day so well.........I had to do all the shoveling because DH had a broken rib. I like this year much better!

I worked on my quilt quite a bit this week.

I am getting close to having enough of the 3-inch blocks. I need to make 4 more of the large stars and all the border blocks. The border blocks are the easiest to make. I just hope I don't run out of the background fabric.

I also did a Valentine table last night.

and I made a spinach/fruit salad for dinner. Yum!

It's been a good week.


  1. Love the polka dot jammies.
    Love the deep snow from last year.
    Love the cork screw grass (I actually want some)
    Love the pink and black pieced block.
    Love the salad, wish I could of had some.
    Snowing here~ ~ ~

  2. You are funny showing your jammies and crocs. Want some snow-it's coming down like crazy here tonight. Sometimes it's hit or miss or us. We had a big storm right before Christmas. I don't shovel unless I have to because it kills my back.
    Your quilt is lovely as is your Valentine's table.

  3. We do have a snow cover but not loke last year. I'm ready for spring! Your salad looks yummy! Jean

  4. We're like you, we hardly have any snow at all. The deck in front has been snow free since before Christmas, that's the last time we've actually had a snowfall! It's been frigid and I think that's why we haven't had the usual snowstorms, it's too darn cold to snow. Feels so funny to see grass here and there and have no snowbanks. Couldn't get over the snow in that picture of you shoveling...God's sense of humour at work because YOU are the one who had to shovel! lol

    Love your Valentine tablescape, you always do such a wonderful job. Your quilt is also gorgeous, love the colours. xoxo


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