Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend Zoomed By

I received a gardening magazine in the mail on Saturday. It has me almost in the m ood to start looking through last year's pictures to give me ideas on what to change this year.

I always forget the new things I planted in the fall. I keep a file on the computer with just the new things in it. Usually in February I look through it and get all excited about what will be coming up.

I found this issue lacking in worthy content--even the pics did not do much to inspire.

Every magazine I get goes downhill with the first issue of the new year.

I also did just a bit of internet shopping over the weekend. Last week I threw away a tattered handbag, so I had to replace it.

I love red handbags and have not had one in a while. So I bought one of those.

Then I saw a purple one. I like that color, too. Truth be told, I like just about every color in handbags. This is a nice slim organizing model.

I played around with some quilt blocks this weekend, but did no cleaning or cooking. There is always next weekend for that stuff. :)


  1. Oh, I like that RED one, it goes with your new glasses! Seriously, they are both great. Hope you have a good week.

  2. I like your way of and cleaning can always wait till next weekend...cute purse....

  3. You've got it and cleaning can always be done next week but what will you be eating all week?? grin
    I love these red and purple purses although I usually go for a brown or black..I know..BORING!
    Magazines..I too have a hard time finding those that are worth their money.

  4. Cute bags-I'm not into changing out my purses too often, but I am using a wallet that is way too big and it won't fit in many. I do like the colors you picked.
    Did retail therapy on Sunday-75% off some blouses and an orange windbreaker/rain coat. Yep, orange!
    I usually skim through the gardening magazines in the grocery store. I have so many gardening books now, I start to go through them in late winter too.

  5. Every year,I move so many plants around that I make a new diagram. That way,I don't pull something out next spring... thinking it's a weed !

  6. Dang it! That's me up there. : )

  7. Hi Sally, I am not sure it will go with the glasses - they are pink. I think they will go better the purple one. :)

    LOL Deb, I didn't used to think that way. Something about getting older seems to make us put less emphasis on housework and more on having fun.

    Betty, The one I had to throw away was black. I like black best, but am getting tired of it. I have another black one anyway and that is what I carry to work. These are more for fun weekend activities.

    Tonight I had to come home and start cooking immediately. I hate that, but it's the payoff for not doing any over the weekend.

    Dianne, Can you believe I used to change my purse everyday? LOL. I always matched it up to what I was wearing to work--that was a few years back. Now I carry the same black one everyday. Orange windbreaker--I love it! I am still liking the color orange. I think it's even very "in" this year. 75% off---that's my kind of retail therapy!

    Hi Suzy, That's why I take pictures every year and save them on my computer. Without those pics, I would be digging up and killing a lot of new plants.

  8. The red purse if to die for. I hardlyn ever change my purse. I buy one and use it until it wears out. I get a neutral color. Right now I'm carrying a golden tan bag, looks like a horse feed bag! Anyway, I like it.

    Have a great week!


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