Thursday, January 14, 2010

Out with the Roosters -- In with Sarah

After my last post, Balisha sent me this jewelry link.

Once I got there I was mesmerized by all the vintage bling and went through all 45 pages in a two-hour session. What fun I had becoming a Sarah Coventry sleuth. I found that I owned a number of pieces that I did not even know were SC.

I got out the magnifying glass and jewelry containers and every time I saw something that looked familiar I dug through it all.

I found these pieces right away. I just love that flower petal mesh diamond shaped necklace--never knew it was a SC.
I know I have more, but I didn't get them out.

Ever since I gave up collecting roosters, it's been pretty boring going to thrift stores or garage sales. I think I will start looking for Sarah jewelry -- it's small and inexpensive--many pieces are under $20. My first hunt will be for the matching necklace for this ring. I never knew there was one until I saw it on that site. I tried to order it, but it was no longer in stock. Darn! My mother gave me this ring and she said she has the matching brooch, which is giving me as she never wears it anymore.

While searching for more Sarah, I discovered that it was produced under three marks - Sarah Coventry (first used in May 1949), SC (after Oct. 1953, and Sarah Cov after 1960. There are also many unmarked pieces, which makes for a bit of a challenge when trying to identify the piece.

So thanks, Balisha, for getting me started on a new collection!

Oh, I never did the necklace below. Maybe it's not SC after all. I did find a bracelet that I was thought an old great uncle brought from Greece... LOL. I was way off on that one!


  1. I used to have a lot of Avon jewelry which I ended up selling on eBay last year because I wasn't wearing any of it and I found out that collectors were really after them! lol I had a couple of SC pieces as well and sold them...otherwise I would have sent them to you. It truly is a lot of fun trying to find a signature on jewelry, I remember last year having my magnifying glass out and checking out every piece I had:-) xoxo

  2. sounds like you have a new project....

  3. And look at that beautiful log cabin quilt under the jewerly box!

  4. I didn't know you gave up roosters! Jewelry is a lot of fun to collect. I use to have awesome marcasite pieces until we had a robbery here and got wiped out. I have added a few back since then (it was 1995). I have a nice necklace collection-lots of crosses of all kinds.
    I keep going to my bookcases and need to bite the bullet and unload a few of them. It's really hard to do.

  5.'s me again,
    So glad you had fun searching for your necklace. I looked and looked for it, but couldn't find it. I did find some jewelry that I had from those parties. Yesterday, I was looking at a new magazine (the Feb. Woman's Day), and right on the first page is an ad for a newish jewelry company.Silpada...they have home parties just like Sarah.I read the interesting story of their beginnings. Have you heard of this one? Balisha


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