Sunday, October 7, 2007

Peach Lustre and Black Tablescape

While looking for my black linen tablecloth, I came across this piece of fabric I bought last year. black octagon and Fire King peach lustre dishes might work with this animal-like print.

It won't be the black/peach Halloween-type table with the pumpkin floral centerpiece I had originally envisioned, but I decided to go with the flow and see what emerged.
It was the first time I used the swirled caramel-colored chargers I got last Christmas.

The octagon black plates worked fine on top of the round charger.

Then I added a peach lustre plate and a peach lustre dessert bowl. I put a faux squash in each dessert bowl to bring in a sense of autumn.

I used black-stemmed octagon champagne flutes with black linen napkins rolled tightly in a cigar shape and inserted inside the flutes. Another stemmed goblet is used for the main drinking glass. The coffee cups and saucers are peach lustre.

I scattered a few real green pears (from the tree in the empty lot next to me)and added six earth-colored large candles. For sparkle I tossed a few clear glass cubes and some shiny gold circles and squares.

For the centerpiece I used my animal print ladies purse vase filled with orange dahlias.
Because I did not have enough dahlias blooming, I used last year's dried/painted allium seed heads as filler.

This was a fun table to do. I am glad I didn't find the black tablecloth. Maybe I don't even have a black tablecloth. I buy so many that I can never remember what I have!

3:00 pm. Update:
As often happens doing one thing turns into a whole day of work. I have climbed up and down the stairs to the basement more times than I care to remember, cleaned more china cabinet shelves than I ever want to do again in one day and lost 3 fingernails!

I have rearranged the entire living room--including moving a curio cabinet into the dining room. Once moved I had to change the items in it so they worked with the table. Then I had to redo the china cabinet that is already in the dining room. Then I had to redo the one in the living room because I had the peach lustre in it. Remember this post from January 10? Well, now all of that stuff has been moved to the two dining room cabinets.

Anyway, it was all too much work and I am pooped! Time for a glass (or two) of wine. I put lasagna in the oven (premade stuff--just heat and eat. I've worked enough for one day!) Staying home on the weekend is WAY TO MUCH WORK!


  1. Nice tablescape. So now, what's for suppah?

  2. Wow good job on the table setting, Zoey..I love it all. I too am glad you didn't find the black tablecloth but then again you would have come up with something wonderful with that as well. You are one talented lady!!

  3. Very nice, Zoey. Does your husband ever comment on the tablescapes? Or is he only interested in the many delicious meals that accompany them?

  4. It looks really cool - and very October!

    Whenever you do a tablescape I'm in awe - both of your talent, and of the vast amount of things you have to put on the table.... you must have a lot of cabinets, Zoey!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    [with just a bunch of old white dishes in my cupboards]

  5. wow! That is awe-inspiring. As a tablecloth collector, I am so impressed with your beautiful table.

  6. What an awesome tablescape! You should definitely have a blog for that (on the side)for reference. Like you could be our own Sandra Lee. : )

  7. Your tabletop is magnificient! I love the tablecloth and how you selected and put everything together so beautifully!



  8. Giddy, It was frozen lasagna made by Gordon Foods. :)

    Betty, Thank you. I am still wondering I really have a black tablecloth!

    lostroses, Yes, he is very good about giving me compliments on the tables, etc. In the winter he even brings home grocery store flower bouquets to inspire me.

    Annie, Thank you. Yes, I do have quite a few cabinets and they are all overflowing!

    Muum, Do you collect vintage tablecloths? I do, too. I only have a few of them (maybe 4). They have been hard to find the last few years.

    Dianne, my friend, you are too kind. Thank you.

    la tea dah,
    Welcome and thank you. I love your name! I will have to visit your blog.

  9. Zoey~ I am reminding you about our centerpiece of the month... this looks fantastic.

  10. Vintage tablecloths sound wonderful, but, no, I just have an array of plain and floral ones that I love (and my kids tell me are 'too old lady-ish'. Probably their most outstanding quality is that I got them at bargain (i.e. 75% off!) prices.

  11. I love the tablescape - that print tablecloth is great! What a lot of work you did - hope you enjoyed the wine!!

    (You're inspiring me - this summer I seemed to be collecting linens and tableware more than anything else - very fun - thanks!!)

  12. I've posted the round-up. You are the star!
    You can send November's when ever you'd like.


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