Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Fall Colorless Weekend

Unfortunately there was not much fall color in the U.P. (upper peninsula) this past weekend. Unless you count this colorful lunch I had :)

I did get a few nice shots of the bridge.

This is a monument to the men who died while constructing the bridge.

This is the most "fall" color I could find!

I took this one after we walked about a half mile on a trail in the woods. We came to an opening with this gorgeous view! I used my 10X zoom to get this shot. It was neat because as you walked into the woods, you could hear all of the traffic on the express way slowing down to pay the bridge fare. You would never guess that this place existed if you didn't know about it.
I did a little deck clean up when I got home from work today--dumped a few baskets, hauled the debris away, etc. After about an hour of work, I decided to go inside and make a nice dinner. That is not something I feel like doing very often on a work night. I searched the freezer and found a 3lb. bag of chicken tenders that I put in the microwave to unthaw.

Just as they were about unthawed DH walked in with a rotisserie chicken and some broccoli salad! He was rather surprised to find me working in the kitchen. He hardly knew what to say when he saw I was cooking chicken!

I learned long ago that men are very much like children. You never want to discourage positive behaviour even if it does not happen at the most opportune moment. So I praised the man for bringing home dinner and set about cooking the rice I had planned for my side dish. It was a delicious meal.

After cleaning up the dishes, I roasted two big pans of chicken tenders and prepared some mirepoix (carrots/onions/celery)to soften in a bit of olive oil.
After a short time I had a huge pot of chicken vegetable noodle soup all cooked for later in the week.
I had a ton of chicken so I froze half of the cooked tenders in chicken stock to use for another big pot of soup later this winter. In a couple of months I will be very glad to find that bag of chicken all set for soup.

Now I am off to finish reading the novel I started on my trip--The Alpine Quilt, by Mary Daheim. This is the first book of hers that I have read. I am finding it an enjoyable light mystery and am eager to find out who killed Genevieve.

I have a message on my phone from the library saying that Jennifer Chiaverini’s latest Elm Creek Quilts novel, The Quilter's Homecoming, is in.
I have to pick it up by Friday. So it looks like I will be spending a good deal of time this weekend on the sofa snuggled in one of my own quilts while reading this eagerly-awaited novel.


  1. Oh good - I've requested the new Elm Creek at the library too - and think I'm near the top of the list. I haven't read Mary Daheim before - sounds good.

    Too bad you didn't see more fall color - but looks like you had a lovely weekend. I like the bridge.

    I've been hungry for homemade soup and fresh baked bread - your chicken soup looks yummy! I agree - do not squelch hubby's good intentions! :)

  2. Wonderful pics of your mini holiday!
    You are in for some good reading!

  3. Looks like it was a fun getaway. Is it still too early for fall color?
    Your chicken soup will be good to have on hand after you spend all day reading ;)

  4. At least you got to see something different which is a bonus in my eyes. I like your photos too!
    My DH only comes home with dinner if I request it and sometimes it's not with much of a smile (like last night).
    There are also books about cross stitching mysteries and I've read a few. I haven't read in ages!

  5. Sorry you didn't see more autumn color, but on the positive side, I see another road trip in your near future!

  6. Wow, I didn't realize I was this behind visiting! lol I've just caught up with your latest posts...cereal box model eh? LOL Love it! I have never heard of Luwak coffee and now that I know what's in it, I hope I never do hear of it!! lol Loved the pictures you took from your weekend trip...how many men died while constructing the bridge? I hadn't realized that some had died! You need to come over here to see Autumn colours, it's in its full glory over here now:-) xox

  7. Pea, I could see Canada from Sault Ste. Marie, MI and it was indeed ablaze with color. I might have gone over if I wasn't afraid to cross the International Bridge! :) That one scares me.

    There were only a few who died--5 or 6 names on the plaque. It was a very nice monument in their honor.

    Giddy, You know me too well! I have already made reservations for Oct. 19 & 20.

    Dianne, you should try a cross stitching mystery. It's so fun to read about your own hobby entagled in a mystery.

    Susie, Yes, it was a little too early. I think the lack of rain messed things up and it's hot now when it should be much colder.

    Betty, I hope so. I forgot to go to the library after work. Must remember to get there tomorrow!

    Kris, How about you bake the bread and I will bring the soup? :)

  8. It's still 90º here so chicken tortilla soup might be okay... chicken noodle tastes better when it's a little colder.

    Your bridge photo was lovely Zoey, and so was the photo of lunch... marble rye?? Can anyone eat it without thinking of "Seinfeld"?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Hmmm, Annie.

    I guess I can eat it without thinking of Seinfeld. I must have missed that episode! :)

    90 degress sounds miserable. I thought high 70's was a bit warm while I was in the sun this afternoon harvesting my potatoes.

  10. We had 80º here today. Gorgeous! We need rain, but I'm so enjoying this lovely warm, sunny weather.
    your trip sounds nice in spite of the lack of Fall color. The zinnia and bridge pics are beautiful.
    How nice of your hubby to bring home dinner, and lovely to have that delicious soup prepared in advance for a cool winter's night.
    I need to read a good mystery! Haven't done that in ages.

  11. Hi Zoey, interesting that there's not much fall color in the U.P. I found that Oregon is about 2 weeks ahead of us and I assumed it was because they are more northerly than us, but then, how to explain the U.P.? I don't get it.

    Your sandwich looks great, never saw inlaid bread before! And you have a great camera. If I 10x, my shots are blurry.

  12. Where is the monument to the men who died building the bridge? whats its name do you know? please email me at cberg@meca.edu


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