Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alternate Use for Egg Cups

There is something about egg cups that I like.

I especially like these blue/white ones.

I must admit I have never eaten an egg out of an egg cup. I don't even like soft-boiled eggs, which is what they are made to be used for.

So for years, I have just admired the beautiful color and form of these objects and used them only for decorative purposes, usually with artificial eggs.

One day last week I had an extra onion and voila!

A new purpose was born! Instead of walking the extra 22 feet to the pantry to get an onion, I now have them right on the counter top where I need them. They are just the right size for cooking for only two people.

Friday after work we immediately took off for the weekend. We went to a casino where we were both in a slot tournament. It was such fun. We had to play 5 different rounds and all five scores were added to determine the winner. There were 96 people in the tourney. After the first round, I was in FIRST PLACE! What a thrill it was! I had visions of winning the $1000 top least for two hours until the next round when I bombed---I think I had the lowest score of all 96 that round. Nonetheless, I finished in the top ten, but there were only five prizes, so I may as well have been number 96. Oh, well, I didn't win the tournament, but I did hit a which required I fill out a tax form. If you gamble at all, you may know that you only have to fill out tax forms if the haul is $1200 or more. So, it was a good weekend!

I finished reading "The Quilter's Homecoming" by Jennifer Chiaverini. Is anyone else reading this? I feel like I missed something........whatever happened to Mae? I sure thought she would make another appearance at the end. Did she and I missed it?

On Friday my bulbs from Breck's arrived. When we got home at 1 p.m. today, I ran inside changed into grubby clothes and went out to plant the 55 tulips and 24 allium. I really wasn't in the mood, but knew I had to get it done. I didn't even take the time to pull up pictures of this past spring to see where I have tulips planted. I just grabbed a shovel and dug. I only overtuned a couple of other tulip bulbs so hopefully I remembered and they will look fine where I planted them.

Well, off to get a few things done before I have to get up to go to work. Weekends do zoom by, don't they?


  1. Congrats on your winnings! Sounds like fun even if you weren't in the top 5!!

    What a great use for the egg cups - they are really pretty.

    I love the fans on your xmas tree - cute idea.

    Good for you getting your bulbs done - mine are still waiting to get planted. Maybe this week...

  2. Congratulations on getting your bulbs planted. I still have about 150 bulbs to plant and it won't quit raining!

    When I go out ot plant bulbs in the fall I try so hard to remember where everything is planted, when it comes up, how high and wide it is, and what it looks like. I make maps and lists, but it really doesn't seem to help. In the end,though, most spots I choose to plant them end up being good spots where they blend well. Sometimes things end up where I probably never would have consciously planned and they look fabulous; so now I try not to fuss too much.

    I let it all be my springtime surprise!

  3. Luck be a lady this weekend! Woo hoo! Good for you. : )
    Great idea for the egg cups. I buy big ol' Vidalia or red onions, so they go in the frig.
    I know, sometimes you have to do stuff when you aren't in the mood. I really need to dig up gladiolus bulbs, but they didn't do much this year, but I will dig them up in a week or so. It's still warm here!

  4. Lucky you, Zoe! Think of all the bulbs and flowers you can buy with that windfall! I like eggcups too, but I don't think I own any at the moment. Like you, I don't eat eggs that way. Your blue and white ones are very pretty!

    Wish I could help you with the book, but I haven't read it.

  5. Zoey,
    What a clever use of egg cups and a bit of a conversation starter when people see them in your kitchen. I love, love, love your latest quilt. Such talent!

  6. Our eggs are usually scrambled with peppers so I haven't bought any egg cups... do have a plastic Humpty Dumpty version that was my husband's when he was a kid. It would tip over if I put an onion in it!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. What a neet idea for those pretty eggcups! And wow.....your quilt is stunning!!!


  8. Kris, Yes, it was a fun weekend. Winning money always seems to put a smile on a person's face! :)

    Sylvana, I used to do the map thing, too. Like you, I finally gave it up. I agree that sometimes the unknown combinations turn out the best.

    Dianne, We love the Vidalia onions, but we can only buy them in early summer. I didn't think onions were supposed to be stored in the frig????????? Doesn't it break down the sugars or something? We should probably google that one. :)

    lostroses, I am having fun spending it. I bought two large Samsonite pieces of pull luggage and I have made reservations for two more weekend trips in November.

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by.

    Annie, I haven't seen that one! I do prefer the porcelin over the plastic! LOL.

    Tea, thank you so much. I am going to work on it now.


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