Thursday, October 25, 2007


While slicing tomatoes for this luscious salad for dinner, the idea for the poll (on the right side) sprang up.

I am just curious what people think of getting whole cherry tomatoes in their salad.

If you can spare a second to cast your vote, I would be very appreciative.

Of course, if you have a very strong opinion and want to say more, you are welcome to use the comment section.


  1. Not only do I prefer to have my tomato cut up but I also would like my lettuce to be cut in smaller pieces!!! I so hate it when you order a salad and the lettuce is in huge pieces! There, now that I got that off my chest, I feel much better!! hehe xox

  2. Pea,
    Me, too! Poor DH has to listen to me complain about it almost everytime I order a salad.

    And I am really livid when I have to cut the tomato in half and it squirts it's red juice all over my clothing!!

  3. You forgot one option...I can't vote because I don't like tomatoes and always pass them on to someone ele at the table, usually hubby.
    About the large pieces of lettuce in a salad...yeah what's up with that, here you are trying to eat "somewhat dainty" and you have these big chunks of lettuce hanging out of your mouth!!

  4. LOL, Betty. I guess it just never occured to me that someone would not like tomatoes! :) I wonder if I can add a line. I am going to check it out.

  5. too late....once someone votes it can't be changed.

  6. I also like the lettuce to be cut into small bite size pieces. When I get a salad, I always have to have a knife to cut up the salad the way I like it. I also prefer the cherry tomatoes cut in half because sometimes I've gotten a whole cherry tomato that turns out to be rotten inside when I bite into it. Yuck!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  7. Cherry or grape tomatoes-no problem. I don't want people touching my food that much. ; ) It's the little ones that look good and are getting bad inside that are nasty.
    My pet peeve is also lettuce that isn't cut up fashionably. : )

  8. Small bite-size pieces of lettuce is what I want in my salad. I'll cut up anything else!

  9. Hi Zoey:

    My vote is for cut up tomatoes - I do it for myself at home so the odd time that we go out I figure someone can do it for me.

    London, Ont

  10. If I'm standing over the sink a whole tomato can be scruptious, Zoey, but not in a restaurant - those seeds stick to fabric like glue!

    Does anyone else still make old-fashioned chopped salad?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. I honestly don't MIND whether my cherry tomatoes are whole or cut up. I don't form any judgmental opinion on a restaurant based on whether they cut cherry tomatoes or not. To me, it seems like a mighty silly thing to get all hot and bothered about. Then again, I'm not in the catering business so maybe that makes a difference.

    Now, if you don't put your apostrophes in the right place, that's a different story...

  12. Right now the voting is close. 53% like the tomatoes cut, 46% don't mind getting whole tomatoes. Are you guys able to see the results or is that for my eyes only?

    Annie, I was in a restaurant a few years ago & they served a chopped salad. It was great. We all talked about it for months...every time we were at a restaurant that served the big hand-sized lettuce pieces.

    Carol, I have never had the displeasure of biting into one that was rotten in the middle. Yuck!

    Dianne, Good point!

    lostroses, What? You don't like forking a huge lettuce piece full of dressing that slaps you across the cheek as you try to maneuver it to your mouth?

    Anonymous in Ontario, I agree!

    Karen, does this sentence bother you? The tomato knows it's place in salad's? hee hee I know what you mean about those apostrophes.

  13. I really do not care what restaurants do with the tomato because I do not eat tomatos from restaurants. I only eat tomatos from gardens or farmstands. At home I always cut them up.

    Your salad looks great. YUM!

  14. LOVE your Fall banner Zoey!!!
    Yummy pics!

  15. Yes Zoey we can see the results.

  16. I like my cherry toms cut in half, and my lettuce in bite-size pieces. What bothers me is when a restaurant salad is mostly ALL lettuce, with not enough of anything else. Not much nutrition or interest in a mostly lettuce salad.

  17. I like my cherry tomatoes cut in half too and the lettuce needs to be bite size (but not superfine) I like all kinds of veggies in my tossed salad.

  18. I'm one of those who doesn't like tomatoes either....period. DOn't want them in my salad or on my sandwiches. DH rescues the small cherry ones but nobody else at my house likes them either.


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