Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Great Day Trip

We took a little day trip Sunday and saw some nice fall color.

We stopped at a Kohl's and I found these big heavy purple stemmed glasses that I just couldn't resist. I put them in the window to try to get enough natural light to give you an accurate picture of the color(that first one looks too blue on my computer so I guess I failed).

I bought six of them. I don't know what dishes I will use them with yet, but I must have some that go with purple. It seems that I once wished I had purple glassware to go with some table setting I was doing.

The fall color was not bad, though I've seen years when it was much brighter. I didn't see many reds this year.

I had fun looking for old dilapidated barns to take pics of...these were two of my favorites:

I think they turned out pretty good since I took them while in a car moving at 60 mph.

I had a big failure with my quilt in progress this weekend. I spent quiite a few hours making 11 blocks for the next border. When I layed them out to see how they worked..........UGH! No way.

This is the second border that has not worked.

It's back to the drawing board for me.


  1. Great pictures! I like the old barn pictures too. Good choices.

  2. Great photos! I have always dreamed that some day I would travel the United States and photograph old barns.

    The colors are just turning here in Chicagoland.

  3. I love those glasses/goblets. For some reason it is hard to get blue/purple right. My camera savvy son in law explained it once to me, but I duh! didn't get it.

  4. I, too, love to photograph old barns, and have several photos taken while driving down the is surprising how well they turn out, considering. Cameras have come a loooong way! Those are a couple of nice ones you captured.

  5. I love your purple glasses - how fun! (IMO, purple goes with everything!!)

    The fall colors look good - I don't think they're quite as brilliant here this year either - but they're still very pretty.

    I'm another one who loves old barn photos - we have several. I saw a cool one last week - practically falling down - and I was kicking myself because (once again) I didn't have my camera with me.

    You got a lot done Saturday - I'm still plugging away. If it would quit raining for a day, that might help!

  6. I love the barn photos and they're great (I would never have known they were taken from a car!)
    I look forward to seeing what you do with those purple glasses!

  7. Nice to see you! Great goblets. I really like purple and orange together for Halloween if you fancy trying that.
    I haven't really noticed the leaves around here that much-guess it will be in a week or so.
    I look at your quilt-so lovely and I think 'something scalloped' if you get my drift. : )

  8. I love old barns...something about them calls me! Mostly I'd like to explore them.

    I love your purple glassware and I know that you will find a perfect place and time to use them!

    Most of the trees in our area are bare already.

  9. Pretty glasses.You must have endless storage space!

    You found two fine old barns on your ride. The color looks about like it is here.

  10. I didn't realize how many of you like old barns. I thought I was just a tad quirky. :)

    Jean and Laurie,
    You two were here at almost the same time! I thought that was interesting considering your mom and daughter. I do have the right Jean and Laurie, don't I?

    I hope you get out to enjoy some of those colors before they are gone for another year.

    I am glad to hear it's not just me having problems with the purple color.

    Don't you wonder how we ever lived without our digital cameras? Mine has been such a source of entertainment. I would just be lost without it.

    Do you think it was the lack of rain? I can't remember if you had a dry summer like we did.

    You can bet I will be posting a new tabletop with them as soon as I tire of the current table setting.

    purple and orange....hmmm, I had not thought of that combo. I have thought of lime green and purple.....who knows what I will come up with... It's part of the fun to just see what evolves.

    Ah, scallops would be interesting. This time, though, we have a completely different mind set. The blocks I have been sewing tonight are full of spikey points. I've made four of them and I think I like this set.

    Betty, I think the trees will be bare here within the week. All we need is a strong wind and what's left will be gone.

    I am out of storage space. I had to get really creative to find a place for the new glasses! LOL. I removed some things from a china cabinet in the living room and put them there. I really MUST STOP BUYING GLASSES! I think it's a sickness. :)

  11. Great pictures and I too like those goblets. I don`t think your quilt looks bad at all. I rather like it. Sure is a lot of work put into that one!


  12. I so love those purple glasses, they're gorgeous! I can just imagine the beautiful table setting you'll make with them:-) Love the pictures of the Autumn foliage...our trees are now pretty much bare of leaves so it's looking dark and dreary. Great pictures of the barns too...I love old barns like that, if only they could talk! Oh dear, sorry to hear you're having trouble with that quilt but I know you'll figure out which border will look good with it:-) xox

  13. Great pics of the barns! Like you, I'd be lost without my camera. Now I just have to begin organizing my photos.

  14. That purple is the exact color I seek out in flowers, looking at tags and catalog photos... so why do so many of them bloom in a shade much closer to pink?

    The old barns are pretty cool, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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