Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did They Ever Emerge?

Tricia left a comment on an old post asking if my pupae ever emerged.

Tricia, Welcome and thanks for taking a moment to comment.
Since you don't have an email address, I thought I'd answer your question here in case anyone else is wondering.

The pupae are still just hanging around on their stick. Either they are dead or they are overwintering in the chrysalis form. I was so disappointed that they didn't make the full metamorphosis.

I have stuck them out in the garage for the winter. I will bring them in next spring to see what happens. I just hope they don 't become dinner for a mouse! I wonder if mice eat them????

Yesterday at work we had a group who did a fashion show featuring Victorian clothing. They made these cute centerpieces:

In thought they were cute (and easy). Years ago I made the same type of wallpaper fans to use on my Christmas tree.

I believe this tree was done over twenty years ago!

I think I have finally hit upon a border that will work for my quilt.
I am liking this spikey one (but I have always loved spikey borders!). I think the light purple background works--that's my big problem--I don't have much of that blue fabric left. I felt I needed at least a bit of it and had enough to use it for the center point in each block.

All the reds/purples/rusts are the same fabrics that are used in the flower blocks. Before I add this border, the quilt is 88" x 66". I am tossing around the idea of squaring it up by adding 11 inches of double flying geese border to each short side before I do the spikey border. So I sort of have a plan...we will see how it evolves!


  1. Love the victorian centerpieces :)
    Your quilt colors are gorgeous. That will be big enough for a queen sized bed, won't it?
    It will be interesting to see if pupae emerge in the spring. Not quite sure if they are on a mouse's diet or not :)

  2. I want to see the finished quilt, it will look beautiful no matter what you end up's a winner!
    I too was wondering what had happened to the pupae.

  3. Well I guess you will find out this winter if mice eat pupae! lol Omigosh, Zoey, my mom and I use to make these wallpaper fans years ago, I'm talking over 20 years ago and I had completely forgotten about them until you showed your tree! Yup, that border looks much better for your quilt...did that sound like I know what I'm talking about? lol xox

  4. Your quilt looks so awesome and you are so creative!
    Look at that tree from all those years ago! I remember our first tree here will be 21 years ago this year and it was about 6" wide by 7" tall. Bri wanted to give his new baby a nice (and big) first Christmas tree.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! Very creative. have a nice weekend!


  6. I found this about pupas, so don't give up hope!

    The skins of many kinds of butterfly pupae are dull and difficult to see, while others are bright and shiny or clear green, with small golden spots (as in the monarch). Regardless of their color, the pupa at this stage is called a chrysalis. Within the hardened case of the chrysalis, many changes occur. The entire body of the caterpillar turns into a soft, creamy liquid, out of which the wings, legs, and other body parts of the adult butterfly are slowly formed. It is not known exactly how this process occurs. The insect may remain in this form for a few weeks or several months, depending on the species of butterfly and the time of year. Some species remain in this form throughout the winter.

  7. What a quilt!! Zoey, you blow me away with your talent for color and design! Simply exquisite!


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