Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bargain Sleuthing Continues.........

One of the good things about working in an office environment is you simply MUST buy new clothes all the time. With winter coming I do need some long sleeved jackets to wear with pants.

I received a little postcard in the mail telling me of a 50% off sale at Coldwater Creek. I threw it next to my computer where I toss all the mail I never have the time to read. This morning it caught my eye and I picked it up, read it and discovered that EVERYTHING was 50% off--even the already reduced items--and it ended tomorrow.

Oh, my! I think my excitement surpassed yesterday's level when I saw the 50% off sign in JoAnne's. And how convenient that I just had a recent monetary windfall!

I decided to let my fingers do the shopping..............

Look what I bought..........

I saw this in the recent catalog and loved it. I wanted to buy it, but the $100 price tag made me reconsider. ..Yes, it is indeed ORANGE. But just look at the way the waistline is 50% off, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give the orange color a try.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............this one looks like it could growl at you. Lucky me, they have it in my size.

A quick mouse click and it's mine!

I'll wear it just the way you see pants and black tank -(with a heavy dose of gold jewlry)

Mandarin collared, crinkled teal it (except for the cuffed sleeve---but at 50% off, you can't always aim for perfection. I will have to find a light yellow sleeveless tank because I love the way it looks here.

Wing collar, buttonless front. Darted bust. Fully lined white jacket.
This one could accentuate the hips and believe me, mine do not need any extra attention, but I'm willing to risk it for the amazing $20.00 price tag. Fully lined for $20.00. Be still my racing heart!

And I just loved this red jacquard shell--Was $49.00 Reduced to $14.99. When you get to the checkout, guess what? They take another 50% off!

$7.50 is all it cost!

How could anyone in their right mind resist? It does not go with any of the above, but I am sure I have something in plain black to wear over the top of it.

I also purchased two white sleeveless tops to wear under jackets. I got all of this for just under $200 (including the S/H).

Does life get any better than this?

All that shopping leaves a girl hungry. I dined alone again tonight. This is what I cooked (in four minutes flat--can't be wasting time cooking while someone else snaps up all those bargains).
Scrambled eggs,1/2 of a hot dog, & mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I must be on a cheese kick the past couple of days.


  1. A girl has to do what a girl has to do!! Great bargains, love all the clothes but the orange jacket is my favorite. That's what you call shopping!!
    Your meal of this and that sounds oh so familiar, that's how I eat when I dine alone.
    Now sleep well and dream of your good fortune!!

  2. Nice choices! Are you always happy with buying clothing from catalogs? I like some things, but when I see them in person or how they look on me, they go back. Coldwater Creek is a quality place to shop. Remember Carol Duvall the craft queen-the credits said her clothes came from CC. : )

  3. Guess where I just was?! CC! I bought two pairs of nice slacks, the vintage poncho and the same pretty tank you purchased. We'll have to pose in the tanks in our blogs. : ) My order was about $57-can't beat that! Thanks for the thumbs up!

  4. Great bargains - I love Coldwater Creek - you got some cute stuff!!

    The goldfish fabric is fun - looks like you found lots of good patterns and colors.

    And the nail art is totally cool - I love the pattern - it does look similar to your quilt border pattern!!

    I rechecked my dahlia instructions - and it was cut back to 6 inches and let sit for a week before digging up. But then I looked for more sites, and found one that just said cut back and dig up - like you do. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow!!

  5. Oh yeah, I was on that website the other night too, Zoey. If you shopped the clearance items you must be a size 4 because that's all they have left! I love all your choices and you will no doubt look stunning in them. A good night's work, indeed!

  6. Betty, Thank you. I did sleep well.

    Dianne, Glad you found something! That tank would be a nice as part of our Christmas ensemble, don't you think? I usually like to try clothes on before buying, but I've bought a few things from CC and the size seemed to be a perfect fit for me so I went hog wild. I really HATE sending things back so I hope these all fit.

    Kris, I am glad you rechecked cause letting them sit in the ground for an extra week could mean you'll be digging in is that time of the year!

    Lostroses, I wish! Though I was just four short years ago. Oh, well, I still have the memories and plastic bins full of too small clothes! You are right though. It is hard to find anything in the size you want unless you are an extra small. lucky for me they still had some of the big girl sizes left. :)

  7. What bargins! I love the orange one. You'll be right in fashion with it. Seems like everything is orange now. Isn't it nice to shop with out sore feet?

  8. Great finds! 50% off is great. The only added bonus would be free S&H!
    That red jacquard tank could carry into the holidays with a black velvet skirt or pants..Very festive!!

  9. Jean, After years of refusing to order online, I finally succombed to the temptation. I really do not like shopping so doing it in the comfort of my own home is quite wonderful.

    Susie, Free S/H would have been nice. I probably overpaid on P/h because I made two different orders.

  10. Hey, how did you make yourself invisible while modeling those clothes?? hehe Just kidding! Love everything you ordered and here's hoping you'll be happy with it once you receive it! At that price, you sure can't go wrong!! Yummm your dinner looks good, it's 7:15 pm here and I haven't eaten yet and I'm thinking it's a good idea to make myself some scrambled eggs:-) xox

  11. Coldwater Creek got my share of $$ this fall too. I am with you on the jackets~ I get a couple of new ones every season and I'm set.
    I love the orange one!


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