Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Last of the Dahlias

Who would have thought I'd still be picking dahlias in mid October?

Usually I have them all dug up and put away for the winter.

Not this year. It was 88 degrees yesterday.

My plan is to dig them up later this week. It won't be today because immediately after work I get my nails done...and not a moment too soon. :) It was a rough weekend.


  1. Love the 'mums'.
    Gardening and pretty nails just don't go together! I'd pick gardening any day..

  2. What a pretty color those dahlias are. I can't believe that I still have blooms out there - and buds!! I need to dig them up, but hate to lose the color!! (guess cutting what I have left would be a good solution!)

  3. Your bum nail looks like my 'regular' manicure.
    I need to dig up my gladiolus, but they fizzled out on me this year, so I may forget about them.

  4. Mums?? I meant dahlias!! Okay I am allowed a mistake, right??

  5. My dahlias are still going strong too. I can't believe we've gone this long without a killing frost.


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