Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fall Harvest Days

Every year our local museum (just two miles from where I live) has a fall festival where they open the old local buildings they have restored. Some of the local clubs like Zonta, Kiwanis, girl scouts, etc. act as guides and demonstrate life in the early 20th century.

I have not gone in years. Since DH and I are staying home this entire weekend we decided to take an hour and walk around the exhibits. We always go to festivals, etc. in other towns, but rarely support those in our own city.

This is an old home of a local resident. See the lady in the doorway all dressed in period clothing?
Look at this hand quilted apron. It's 100 years later and I am doing the same craft. Things don't change as much as we think, do they?
Here's an old school house.
What caught my eye here is the coal bin on the floor.

It looks pretty familiar to me. I am not using it for the same purpose,but one just like it sits on my deck every summer.
This is a porcupine exhibit inside the museum.

The interesting thing here are the boxes made from the quills. If you click to enlarge the pic below you will be able to see the quills. Amazing craft!
Ah, quilts! I couldn't wait to get inside this room.
It's a display from the local quilt guild.
I thought this table runner was cute (though much wider than I like mine to be). The wide ones get in the way of my place settings.

I talked to the president of the guild for some time and got all the info. I might go to the next meeting in November. I am not a "joiner" of things, but this sounded like something I might enjoy. It wouldn't hurt to check it out. They even have tour buses to go to the big quilt events, like the Paducah, Kentucky show in April '08. I would LOVE to go there!

I am hoping to get some fall decorating done this weekend. So far I've only worked on my quilt (am having a time trying to find fabric for the next border since I ran out of what I used for the first one), went to the museum, and did a little cleaning. It's already 4:00 p.m. so now I have to get a pork loin cooked for dinner.

I need more hours in each day!


  1. Neat buildings and quilts! I would definitely go to a meeting of the quilt guild. I am a 9 month member of the Chadds Ford Society and I don't even live there. ; )
    It may be right up your alley though.

  2. Our museum has some similar things and how right you are..we go look at others and rarely at our own yet people travel from far and wide to see our museum. In summer I took my youngest 2 grandkids...I was the "pioneer" telling them about "the olden days". lol

  3. I'm not a *joiner* either, but my knitting class has really been fun. I have learned so much and the ladies in the group all have interesting tales to tell. We are all non native Mainers and have come here from various points on the map. It makes for lively conversation whenever we're not counting stitches.


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