Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29 and it's 60 degrees

Just three days ago I ordered a pair of Felco pruning shears and today they arrived. I am just amazed at how easy and fast this Internet ordering is!

Anyway when I got home from work it was so warm outside that I decided to try out the new shears.

In about one hour I had three big wheelbarrows full of debris. The Felcos worked great--very easy on the hand. Thank you, Carol at May Dream Gardens for mentioning them in your post last week! You see, I keep meaning to buy a pair, but I always forget. When I read Carol's post, I immediately went to the site and ordered a pair. I think they will serve me well for many years.

Look at my Thanksgiving cactus. It's loaded with buds. I know most people call it a 'Christmas' cactus, but I read someplace that there are two different kinds and one of them blooms at Thanksgiving. Mine always blooms in November so I call it a Thanksgiving cactus. I actually have two of them, which you see here.

I've been working on the gigantic quilt, which you also see in the background.It's getting huge! Remember the "flying geese" border that I told you I was going to put on? While it's on.
For the nonquilters, it's the little triangle border. I had planned to put two on each side, but guess what?

I ran out of the background fabric again! It happens all the time and it just forces me to become creative. I found this purple fabric I just bought on my fabric spree last week.

I decided just to add 6" of that fabric. It's the part that will be the beginning of the fabric that hangs down the side of the bed. I wasn't really happy with it. Finally the idea occurred to me to make three of the corner blocks with the same background. I am more pleased now because I think it looks more like I had planned it to be that color.

You may have noticed that I have not sewn all of this on yet. I need to lay it all out on the bed first to make certain that the purple falls down the side as I am planning. If it does not, I am in big trouble! That, by the way, is one of the big pluses of making your own quilt. You can really custom fit the pattern to your bed. Personally I like a few extra inches up toward my neck so I can pull the quilt way up to my nose. I always make my quilts with plenty of extra fabric at the top.

Wow, 6:24 p.m. already. I must run to check my pot roast. DH will be home for dinner soon.
This looks a little more nutritious than my popcorn dinner from last week, doesn't it?

I hope you are all having a great Monday!


  1. Wow, you are a busy bee Zoey! I plan to get outside tomorrow and put away the rest of my little decorations. I have them piled in my garden cart.
    Your quilt is really lovely!
    Nice pot roast and better than popcorn. My dinner is on my blog too. : )

  2. I'm pleased you like the new pruners. I always say gardening is much more enjoyable with good tools. And both the quilt and dinner are quite impressive. I can almost smell that pot roast.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. Your Thanksgiving cactus looks like it will be in bloom by then. Mine doesn't show signs of buds yet, so perhaps mine is Christmas.
    The pot roast looks yummy. Perfect for a fall evening!

  4. I finished cleaning up the yard today and good tools make the job more enjoyable and easier!
    What a pretty looks so unique! And I love my quilt to come up to my nose too.
    Your supper looks so delicious..Mmm,
    going to have any leftovers??

  5. You put those pruners to good use very quickly, Zoey! I never buy "good ones" because I always ruin my pruners trying to make them do the work of lopping shears! But I know you wouldn't do that.

    Yum, a good-looking dinner and an excellent finish for your quilt. I bet you must have quite a few quilts to change around on your bed!

  6. Today is Halloween and my "Christmas Cactus" is in full bloom!

  7. Hi there, I've been enoying your blog, but the last two times I visited it, it seems that someone has hijacked your site. It goes right to another website! You might want to check it out. No other blogs do this but yours. Sorry!

  8. Hi,
    Your quilt looks amazing - I am impressed :)
    Is there really 2 kinds of zygocactus? Thanksgiving and Christmas? I love them - they give such joy, when garden is gone sleeping for next few months :)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hava a nice weekend! (we have long 4 days weekeend started).

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.

    Ewa, yes, I believe there really two kinds. A 4-day weekend sounds great.

    MsRobin, hijacked? Oh, my goodness! What site is it taking you to? Is this happening to anyone else?

  10. Which Felco pruner did you buy? I made up my mind I was going to get one, because the cheap ones usually only last a year for me.
    Your quilt looks very intricate and beautiful. Is it paper pieced? I like quilting, but only when it isn't gardening season. :-)
    The pot roast make me hungry just looking at it!

  11. The quilt is georgous!

    My cactus must be a Valentine one because it usually blooms in February! They must have minds of their own.

  12. Your Thanksgiving cactus is very pretty. I love the quilt - the purple border looks nice with it, I think. You are so talented!! That roast looks so good - my mouth is watering!


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