Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2nd Potato Harvest

I finished harvesting my potatoes today.

This is my second harvest. The first one was the same size.

One handful.

Yes, I can hold them all in one hand.

But remember that I just stuck 4 sprouting potatoes from my pantry in the ground. Potatoes I would normally toss in the garbage. I was rewarded with two meals (if I don't invite guests) of delicious potatoes.

I am thrilled and amazed that potatoes destined for the garbage can produce these fresh, nearly unblemished beauties!

I saved this post in draft and went to check out a few blogs (I am way behind). While surfing I am munching on a freshly made no bake cookie. As I read our friend, Pea's post for today, I nearly spit out my cookie laughing over my posting of this piddly little potato harvest. Pea posted about her potato harvest, too. Just look at it! My, my. I would be a sad little farm woman, wouldn't I? If there is ever a major food shortage, I want to live next to Pea.

While surfing I discovered this interesting site which lists expiration dates of different foods.
For instance, did you know that honey NEVER goes bad? You can keep it on the pantry shelf forever.

I was very interested to find that bottled salad dressing last months beyond the sell by date on the bottle. I couldn't wait to enlighten DH. He insists that I throw the bottle away as soon as it's beyond that date. I always tell him that he's a little overzealous in throwing away food. It didn't hurt to show him a little proof. :)


  1. I am amazed at '2 crops of potatoes' in one season no matter what amount you harvested! And don't you think Pea must have planted a tad more than 4 sprouting potatoes?? heehee
    I don't throw stuff out as soon as it says it has expired... how can it go from good to bad in one day anyway, right?
    Good to know that about honey.
    And Zoey enjoy your potato crop!!

  2. They found thousands-year-old honey in Egyptian tombs that are still edible. :P

  3. I'm also amazed and in awe of Pea's bounty especially with her short growing season! She does plant a large garden.
    I didn't even have four potatoes. They don't grow here at all :)

  4. Actually if you got some potatoes, you could probably do as well as Pea if you really wanted too (meaning potatoes like your yard!). I'm not one to plant things you have to dig up, but new potatoes sure are good!
    Thanks for the website about expirations. I was tossing stuff at my mom's, but I believe most of it had been opened or was from '05 or '06. I have thrown salad dressing away that I could have kept if I had known this info, same with mayo.

  5. I looked, I want to live near her, too!

  6. Ummmm, Zoey, the reason we have so many potatoes is because we plant more than 4! lol We planted 10 long rows of potatoes and believe me, sometimes there's only 1 or 2 potatoes per plant that grows so you did really well with the few you planted:-) It's funny how some people panic as soon as a product is past its expiration date...we have a store that actually sells expired dated foods like candy bars, boxed desserts, etc, for half the price or less!! xox

  7. I adore home grown new potatoes. Enjoy your harvest Zoey..they look delicious! We often plant our sprouted potatoes in the spring...often the small ones left over from last Fall's harvest, and a few from the store.
    Pea's harvest is a beauty (as in 'beauty Mate' Aussie expression)!
    I don't throw things away according to the expiration date either. Interesting site.


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